Play with Chinese Characters

Engage in fun and friendly battles with your friends (or other Chinese learners) over your knowledge of Chinese


Start as a Beginner, finish as a Master in Mandarin Chinese

Play and level up

Pick a card in the game. Answer. Work your way up to higher levels and harder cards. Time to shine.

Ninchallenge: write the meaning of this Chinese word

The Challenge feature is really cool!

Martin Torino, Ninchanese user

The first ever multiplayer Chinese game! 

Thousands of other Chinese learners are waiting for you to play.


I think the ninchallenge is fast becoming my favorite part of Ninchanese

Lapsed Modernist, Ninchanese user

Collect as many Chinese characters as you can

Score points to level up and move on to tougher Chinese characters!

Easy to play and massively fun!

You start with easy words and get helped by players

Start a game!

Play with Your Friends

Have fun playing and trying to beat your friend, you won’t even realize you’re learning Chinese at the same time!

Improve your skills with the Ninchallenges, the fun game to learn Chinese!

Share your Chinese learning journey with other Ninchallengers!

Meet other learners that share the same love as you for the Chinese language.

Invite a friend

Practice your HSK vocabulary

All the vocabulary you’ll be seeing and discovering comes from the official HSK exam word lists.

Use this game to learn Chinese to prepare for the HSK

The Ninchallenges are a great way to, not just show off what I’ve learned, but sometimes pick up new words completely or decipher words you haven’t seen based on your existing knowledge – it’s extremely rewarding and really makes you feel proud of yourself! It motivates you to keep going.

Jemma, Ninchanese user

Get ready for life in China

Discover all kind of new vocabulary for daily life

I think it’s really cool. I really like the idea of challenges! I think you’ve done amazing work!

Laura Ninchanese user
Yocha knows you want to play this game to learn Chinese

Your turn to play!

May the Chinese be with you!

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