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Step by step, learn Mandarin Chinese pronunciation and learn to speak like a native.

Learn to speak Chinese with Ninchanese speaking mode

With Ninchanese’s speaking stages, practice speaking Mandarin with our cutting-edge voice recognition technology. Chinese pronunciation and tones will soon hold no secrets for you.


Speak Mandarin Chinese with confidence

With Ninchanese’s unique speaking and listening features, you’ll be able to speak Chinese and have a conversation in Chinese with Chinese people. Get ready to have awesome conversations in Chinese!

Learn to speak Chinese with Ninchanese speaking mode

Don’t know if you’re using the good tone?

Ninchanese got you covered. We will guide you to your mispronunciation and you’ll be assured to know if your Chinese is good or not. Ready to make new Chinese friends?

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Learn with real conversation

Receive feedback on what you’re saying right and what still needs improvement and gain the confidence that you’ll be understood in China when you speak.

Learn to speak Chinese with Ninchanese speaking mode

You can speak Chinese but don’t understand when Chinese people speak to you?

The listening game help you to understand what Chinese are saying. You listen, practise writing and get instant feedback on what you wrote. That way, you are able to understand what the Chinese say. With this method, quickly increase your ability to understand and speak Mandarin Chinese.

Speak Chinese now

Just been trying out the microphone feature. Very cool! It is actually very accurate.

Yufeilong, a Ninchanese user

More than 200 dialogues to master

Take part in more than 200 dialogues in Mandarin Chinese. You’ll learn to talk about a broad range of topics, from daily life conversations to business talks. You’ll learn how to ask for directions, to pay your bills, order food with friends, as well as how to handle business meetings, negotiations and more in Mandarin. Get ready to know all sides of China and to discover Chinese culture by speaking Chinese.

number one in chinese

Meet new people

Speak Chinese

present yourself in chinese
Present yourself

Talking about yourself

Speak Chinese

number one in chinese
What do you like?


Speak Chinese

number one in chinese
I would like…

Going to the supermarket

Speak Chinese

Having a chance to practice my Chinese out-loud with Baimei.
It works really well for how I learn languages.

Mr Bear, a Ninchanese user

Why you’ll like learning with Ninchanese’s speaking and listening modes

  • Easy to use, latest, voice recognition
  • Practice and get useful instant feedback on your spoken Mandarin
  • Dramatically improve your pronunciation skills in Chinese
  • Easily spot the areas you need to improve
  • Remember tones effortlessly
  • Practice speaking Chinese from the comfort of your own home
  • Learn to take part in real life Chinese conversations
  • Discover more than 200 dialogues
  • Use the words you’ve learned in context
  • Learn to talk about different topics from daily life to business matters
  • Motivating and colorful design

Speak Chinese like a native

Stop dreaming about speaking Chinese fluently, do it!

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