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I love Ninchanese! Learning Chinese + cats all over the place is just spoiling me too much.

SISL Ninchanese user

I’m really loving ninchanese so far, although I still have more to explore. I absolutely love the design and layout and story, it’s fun!

Neve Ninchanese user

I think the gamification is the most appealing thing about the site to me right now: challenges, time trials, etc because they help create a community.

Devon Ninchanese user

I was able to try Ninchanese, and it is so addictive! I’ve been studying Chinese for about 9 years so it’s hard to find ways to keep reviewing grammar and vocabulary interesting, but the World 1 has definitely done that. I’m excited to see the content become more challenging as you add new worlds. I greatly enjoy how the activities in Ninchanese work – the fact that it switches between asking me to input English or input Pinyin keeps my mind active so it doesn’t wander the way it will when using flashcard apps. I also love the community aspect of the Ninchanese site. I’m usually not very competitive, but I became obsessed with the leaderboards comparing my Time Attack scores against other users. You must succeed, the world needs Ninchanese!

Margaret Ninchanese user / Kickstarter backer

This app is amazing 🙂 It’ll be easy to understand and practice Chinese.

rafamachado8 Ninchanese user

I think it’s pretty impressive that your 3 person team has built what it has. Of course, I don’t know how long you guys have been working on this, if it was built from the ground up or built on something else, or if any of it was outsourced but I think it is clear a lot of thought and effort was put into it. We live in a world where most people are consumers and not creators, so your 3 person team obviously has enough commitment to have made it this far with something this fully-featured.

Kai Ninchanese user

Best (early) birthday present I could’ve hoped for! I have tried a number of popular other language learning apps with limited success and can confidently say this one stands out in a crowd. This looks amazing, both in design and concept and has clearly been made with love, which is something I personally find appealing. I am going to be spreading the word amongst my fellow Chinese language learners. This looks cute, fun, and addictive; I can’t wait.

IvoryFall Ninchanese user / Kickstarter backer

I am so excited that Ninchanese exists and that I can recommend it to my students! You are language learning visionaries, Ninchanese is going to be the greatest.

Chinese teacher Ninchanese user

I think you and your team have done a brilliant job with the website. It is my number one tool for learning Mandarin!

Jake K-L Ninchanese user

I really love your Ninchanese. I fell for the idea and the mechanics, and I’m glad to be a lifetime membership founder on kickstarter.

Stefano Lifetime Ninchanese user / Kickstarter backer

This app is amazing. It’ll be easy to understand and practice Chinese

Rafamachado Ninchanese user

The sense of humor in this program is cute.

AnXinBan Ninchanese user

Your work is great!…and it is my pleasure indeed to witness how much passion and effort you guys are pouring in Ninchanese.

Stefano Lifetime Ninchanese user / Kickstarter backer

I like the learning concept in this app, especially the reviews. It’s encouraging and helps to memorize the words for longer than the test sections. I’d love to see this app for other Asian languages, e.g. Japanese. Keep it up!

Nobilitas Ninchanese user

I think Ninchanese is a wonderful and well rounded app. I have never really had any inclination to learn Chinese before, but after spending a short time on here I just want to keep going and learn more! I appreciate how the app is split into sections, between learning vocabulary and characters with Nincha, piecing them together into sentences with Yocha to have conversations, and having a chance to practice my Chinese out-loud with Baimei. It works really well for how I learn languages. It makes a nice change from the usual read and regurgitate feel of most language apps. The sense of adventure and story also make the app feel like something I can be a part of on a personal level. Again, thank you for making such a great app for learning the Chinese Language. Xiexie!

Mr Bear Ninchanese user / Kickstarter backer

ohh thanks, because I loveeeeee to learn with you jaja, I want more more more and more!! jaja thanks! here you Argentinian fan.

Deborabed Ninchanese user

Amazing website! Love it. Great style and teaching method. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve put in.

RobK Ninchanese user

Hi there! Love this Nincha concept. Things I love: – Web-based – Gamification – Repetition – Versus other players – Overall very appealing for player; so cute – Topics are great – love practical knowledge

Keep up the great work, would love to share with more kids if you keep working on it!

Jenai Ninchanese user

I’d also like to thank you for creating this, it’s helping my confidence in Chinese which I need for my degree

Grace Ninchanese user

This is one of the most awesome learning devices ever

SteveGoodLife07 Ninchanese user

I think it’s great! I’ve been trying to find ways to practice listening and writing, and while this isn’t exactly the same as free-writing your own sentences, it still lets you practice stringing sentences together. Not to mention how important listening comprehension is if you ever want to *speak* to anyone.

Shadda Ninchanese user

I am loving this product and it has taken up a central role in my studies of the language. I very much appreciate all the work you guys are putting into this. Keep it up!

BeardNinja Ninchanese user

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