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Ask Nincha: [tone sandhi] Why are there tone changes in Chinese?

We’ve decided to debut a new type of posts: Ask Nincha, where we share and answers questions our Chinese learners have asked us. This week, thanks to Philippe, we’re exploring why sometimes tones are different when written and when pronounced. Read on to learn why there are tone changes in Mandarin and what tone sandhi is all about!

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NinchaneseAsk Nincha: [tone sandhi] Why are there tone changes in Chinese?

Mime your way to spot-on tones!

Our last article talked about tones, and how important they are in Chinese language. Especially if you’re planning on being understood in China! Now, on to another important point: How to get your tones right when speaking Chinese.

First off, for those of us that come from non-tonal languages, trying to think about making a sound and modulating the tone of your voice to go up and down is a process that we are utterly unused to. It doesn’t come naturally. But, fret not. You can learn tones. And here’s how.

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NinchaneseMime your way to spot-on tones!