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Learning new words in Chinese (vocab)

The vocab stages with Nincha are where you learn new words and characters in Chinese on Ninchanese.

The content you learn is organized in a logical way so you quickly learn usable and practical Chinese to use, while learning all the necessary foundations for your learning.Our system adapts to your memorization rhythm and to what you know. New material and material to review is presented to you at the optimal time for you.

Playing a vocab stage

Here’s how a vocabulary stage with Nincha works:

  1. Once on Ninchanese, click on Learn Chinese. This will take you to the world you’re currently playing.
  2. Select a vocab stage.
  3. Click play.
  4. Discover your first three words.
  5. Your goal will be to learn each word‘s meaning (EN) and pronunciation (in pinyin, PY).
  6. You will be asked to enter each new word’s meaning and pronunciation two or more times, depending on how quickly you memorize the word.
    • When you answer correctly, you’ll hear the word’s audio auto-play so you can memorize its audio as well.
    • If you get confused, and enter a word’s pinyin instead of its meaning, or vice-versa, a pop-up will let you know you’re not entering the expected answer
  7. Once you learn a word’s meaning (EN) and pronunciation (PY), you unlock a new word.
    • The words you just learned are sent to your reviews. They are added to your queue in a logical and optimal manner for you. Learn more about reviews
  8. The new word you unlocked will be shown in a pop-up so you can see its definition and pronunciation first. If you didn’t see it long enough, just press enter, and learn it at your pace.
  9. If you give several good answers in a row, your multiplier will increase and you’ll win more points per good answer.
  10. Once you’ve unlocked all the new words, you’ll have successfully finished the stage and see your score.

You’re now ready to move on to making sentences with Yocha! You’ll see the vocabulary you just learned used in context in the sentences you’ll be building.

NinchaneseLearning New Words in Chinese