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Get to know the basics and a few helpful tips along the way!
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Reviewing words (vocab)

In Ninchanese, any word you learn is presented to you again, for you to review and keep fresh in your memory.

How it works, scientifically

Our learning system manages all the words you learn to show you the words at an optimal time, calculated for you based on your answers and memorization rhythm, thanks to a principle is called the Spaced Repetition Algorithm. This allows you to move the words you learn to your long-term memory and retention rates over 90%.

Reviewing words

Here’s how reviewing words works:

  1. Once on Ninchanese, click on Learn Chinese. This will take you to the world you’re currently playing.
  2. Select Reviews in the right corner of the Pick up Where you Left off zone.
  3. Click Play.
  4. Start reviewing your words.
  5. You will be asked either for the word‘s meaning (EN) or its pronunciation (in pinyin, PY), depending on which you need to review.

A Star system to indicate how well you know a word

  1. Words you’ve just learned start at 2 stars.
  2. Each time you get a review correct, you earn a new star. Each time you earn a star, the interval the word gets pushed back to, increases. In other words, you’ll be shown this word again but in a longer period of time, because you have started to remember this word well.
  3. Once a word reaches 5 stars, it means you know it well.
  4. If you get a word wrong, you lose a star and it’ll come back in this review queue. If you lose a star each time you get a word wrong, so you can lose several stars on one word, as it shows you may need to review it a little more often.
  1. If you give several good answers in a row, your multiplier will increase and you’ll win more points per good answer.
  2. Every 10 words, you’ll reach a review milestone and score points.
  3. Once you’ve done all your reviews, you’ll have successfully finished.

You’re now ready to do whatever you can! You can go learn new words, or do sentences with Yocha, speak with Baimei, or listen and type with her, try to win medals in a time attack or win a Ninchallenge.

NinchaneseReviewing Words in Chinese