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What can I learn on Ninchanese?

You have six worlds to learn on Ninchanese that will take you from a beginner level in Chinese to an advanced conversationally fluent learner.

6000 + words to learn

Overall, you are able to learn over:

  • 6000+ Chinese words
  • 1800+ Chinese sentences
  • 200+ useful dialogues.

Six worlds


Ninchanese’s six worlds are divided into six Chinese learning levels.

World 1

World 1 corresponds a newbie level.

The perfect place to start if you are completely new at Chinese. You’ll learn the basics and the key building blocks you need to build a strong foundation in Chinese.  There are 30+ stages to unlock, plenty of words to  and sentences to learn. You’ll learn notions such as the Chinese word order, how to ask questions, how to say no, and useful phrases to ask for directions, to order food and more.

Want to skip ahead to a higher level? Click here to learn how and read below a description of each world’s content and skills.

World 2

World 2 corresponds to an elementary level.

In World 2, you’ll build on World 1 and continue to learn the basic sentence patterns, characters and grammar of the Chinese language. There are 30+ stages to play with hundreds of words and new sentences to learn. You’ll learn the basics of talking to people and to be able to read basic texts.

World 3

World 3 corresponds to an intermediate level.

In World 3, you’ll have access to 50 new stages  to take you from an elementary to an upper-elementary and intermediate level in Chinese. You’ll learn over 300 new words with Nincha, 400 new sentences, and close to 20 new grammar lessons so you’ll be able to use more complex sentence constructions and a richer, more varied, language.

You’ll learn to use more key sentence structures in spoken and written Chinese. Once you’ve finished world 3, you’ll know how to use structures such the particle ., the change of state , and , the pattern “是…的” and more.

World 3 continues on from World 2, so you’ll be also learning new material and to expand on the content you’ve previously learned. This will allow you to talk about a larger variety of topics such as negotiating, shopping, banking, and a lot more.


World 4

World 4 corresponds to an upper-intermediate level.

World 4 has 100 stages to play, new words to learn in Chinese; sentences to learn to use words in context; new  grammar patterns to learn to use. You’ll have seen and practiced using the most common Chinese syntax patterns. You’ll be able to read a modern Chinese text, a short novel or watch a Chinese or Taiwanese drama and understand most of it.

World 4’s stages focus on learning useful and practical vocabulary to live, travel and work in China. From the grammar structures and patterns you’ll be learning to the vocabulary you’ll be acquiring, to the themes the speaking stages cover, World 4 will give you the skills you need to really foray into the Chinese speaking world.

World 5

Ninchanese’s comprehensive advanced level offers you tons of new stages and exercises to efficiently take your Chinese to the next level.

With these advanced Chinese lessons, you’ll be able to:

  • Learn practical and authentic vocabulary to say precisely what you want,
  • Train your verbal skills with dialogues about useful real-world topics tailored for advanced learners,
  • Start sounding native in Chinese and fine-tune your ears,
  • Master advanced grammar content,
  • Improve your reading skills,
  • And access many more surprises!

You now have access to the most complete Chinese learning application available to help you reach your fluency goals in Mandarin!

Coming soon

World 6 will correspond to a level of Chinese proficiency

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