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Is Ninchanese good for me?

If you’re looking to learn Chinese and see real results, then the answer, without a doubt, is yes. Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced learner, there’s definitely content for you on Ninchanese that will take your Mandarin to the next level.

Bringing you a useful Mandarin Chinese learning Chinese is our commitment. Making your learning experience as fun and as complete as possible is in our core values. In short, we want you to be happy learning Chinese with us and we do everything in our power so you are. Helping you reach conversational fluency in Chinese is our pride.

But don’t take our word for it. Lots and lots of Chinese learners, as well as bloggers and journalists. have shared the value they see in using Ninchanese as their primary learning tool for Mandarin. Read what they have to say, and learn what they think of Ninchanese!

Wall of Love

This Wall of Love is filled with positive comments from our learners. We’re honored to have received such kind words. Here are more kind words.

Interviews of learners

Curious to know what learning regularly on Ninchanese is like? We’ve asked some of our users to share their experience. Click here to read their interviews.

What does the press think of Ninchanese?

You can also check out what bloggers and journalists have written about Ninchanese here.

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