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Efficient and Fun Chinese Learning

Ninchanese’s method is based on science and gamification to enhance and change how you learn Mandarin. You learn traditional Chinese characters, Chinese grammar, Chinese pronunciation, and more in short, easy-to-follow courses tailored to your needs.

Be at Ease in Taiwan and in Hong Kong

If you’re planning to go live in Taiwan, Hong Kong, learn traditional Chinese! It’s used in writing all over those areas and in many overseas Chinese communities as well.

Discover the Roots of Chinese

Learning traditional Chinese gets you closer to the roots of Chinese and Chinese history. The more you study traditional Chinese, the closer to Ancient Chinese you’ll get.

Dig Deep into Chinese characters

Break down traditional Chinese characters and identify their meaning, components, radicals, and etymology. Explore the Chinese language, traditional characters, and their structure to know exactly how they’re made with the Ninchanese dictionary.

What Do the Traditional Chinese Courses Contain?

There’s content in Traditional Chinese for every level on Ninchanese. From beginners to advanced levels, you’ll learn to introduce yourself, talk about the news, your opinions, do business, do shopping, and a lot more.

More than 200 real-life situations will help you discover new traditional Chinese characters, understand grammar rules and improve your Chinese speaking skills. Nincha will coach you and be your guide every step of the way in your Chinese journey.

By learning Traditional Chinese, you’ll be able to:

Learn Traditional Chinese, it's used in Hong Kong and in Taiwan

Live in Hong Kong and Taiwan

Be at ease reading any character you come across in Taiwan, Hong Kong and more.

There are so many good taiwanese dramas you won't regret learning traditional chinese

Watch Dramas and Movies

Be able to read subtitles in traditional Chinese. Perfect for Taiwanese dramas and Hongkongese movies!

Discover Classical Chinese

Traditional Chinese is your key to reading Classical Chinese, whether the texts are about Traditional Chinese Medicine, ancient China and more.

Knowing traditional Chinese comes in very handy when trying to read anything in Taiwan or Hong Kong

Satisfy All Your Needs

Be able to read newspapers, restaurant menus, street signs and even to write in traditional characters

Run your Business

Do business in Taiwan, Hong Kong and more, and successfully overcome any language barrier.

Try the Ninchanese Method

Feel motivated and confident when learning traditional Characters.

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