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Hi everyone!

Have you noticed the changes in Ninchanese recently? There are quite a few new things going on at Ninchanese we want you to know about about! First items of news: has a fresh new look and you can now subscribe to get our blog newsletter!

A new look for a new Ninchanese

We’re gearing up to start our closed beta and test our approach with Chinese learners. We’re really excited about this and decided it was time to tell you a bit more about what we’re creating! So we’ve updated and gave it a fresh new look that’s a lot more us and way cuter!


Go check it out here:

The blog also got a facelift this summer and got a lot flatter, so if you haven’t see its new look yet, do go see!

Hope you love these design changes as much as we do!

A newsletter option for the blog!

Also, we’ve added a “Newsletter” button to our blog. You can now easily subscribe to our blog and get our posts directly in your inbox!

Simply click on the grey newsletter button you see on the top right (in the menu) to get started! We won’t spam you, promise.

It’s the ideal way to get your monthly fill of lovingly crafted Nincha content, whether it is tips and hacks to learn Chinese, interesting facts and news about China or cute cat moments!


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