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Ninchanese is a engaging and fast-paced Chinese learning app.
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Powerful Chinese Learning

Ninchanese is addictive. Ninchanese harnesses the power of game mechanics and combines it with the best Chinese learning techniques, so you can really enjoy learning Chinese. It has never been so easy, fast and fun to learn new Chinese characters, real and modern Chinese sentences, how to speak Chinese and more!

Read our Feature page to see what we consider the right tools to learn Chinese. We work with game designer, Chinese teacher, scientist to make the best app to learn Chinese.

Let our quests, levels and challenges guide you to conversationally fluent Chinese!

Efficient Learning

“I never want to hear again that Chinese is hard.”

- Nincha

Learn Chinese while you enter in a Unique and Immersive Story

The NinChanese village is in trouble. Its knowledge of Chinese pearl was stolen!

With your friend Nincha, the lucky cat, you’ll need to travel the NinChana world to find and face the Knowledge guardians. As you go, you learn Chinese vocabulary, Chinese grammar, and learn to Speak Chinese and master the Chinese tones.

Each venerable guardian is a step closer to the pearl and a paw closer to you confidently and easily speaking Chinese!

You’re a baby dragon that needs to learn to read, write, understand and speak Chinese to save the Nincha cats. Don’t let the Master test you out!

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