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3 Chinese songs you NEED to listen to

C-POP is a lot less popular than its Korean and Japanese counterparts but it’s a shame, because China has produced some really great songs. Such as these three Chinese songs.

3 Chinese songs that will make you smile

So whether you’re already C-POP buff or just a Chinese learner just looking to hone his/her Mandarin skills by listening to music in Chinese (great idea, btw!), you need to listen to these songs. They’ll turn you into C-POP fans instantly!

老来俏 Gaga

April fool! Did we get ya?  🙂

This really weird cover is called “老来俏Gaga” and it actually went somewhat viral last year. It’s in Changsha dialect, if you’re wondering why you’re not understanding the lyrics. The other questions you might have (why are they in a doll house? What’s with the transparent instruments? How?), I can’t answer.

Side note 老来俏 (lǎo lái qiào) is a real term; and a funny one too! It means “old person who dresses up as a teenager”. Impressive term, huh?

Oh Sasoom – 啊怎么方便! (The singles’ Anthem)

Honestly, this cover was so bad, we couldn’t resist sharing! Hehe. Though, as they spurt out the lyrics at a such rapid pace, this song is also a good test of you Chinese comprehension! 🙂

Runner -up : Harlem Yu

Must-listen-to song number 3 isn’t even in Chinese but it’s sung by a Chinese singer, so it counts!

Harlem Yu – YMCA

So? Did you enjoy these songs? Did you suffer thru them all? Know of any better – by that, we mean worse – songs we missed?

Have a Happy April Fool’s you all! And enjoy today’s jokes! The world needs them!

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