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Be positive! The Chinese secret trick to feeling positive

Big event coming up and you’re feeling stressed? Or maybe you’re feeling a little down and in need of some cheering up?

The Chinese have a great way of boosting their self-morale. They encourage themselves by saying “加油 + their name”.

加油 (Jiāyóu) doesn’t have a litteral translation in English: it’s something akin to “Forge on!”, “Press on!” or “Fighting!” as I see increasingly around me.

So when you’re feeling a little down, look at yourself in the mirror and say  – or shout out – “加油 + [your name]”!

Even better: accompany that with a fist pump, for extra effect.

Cat Fist Pump Ping Pong

You’ll see, it feels good and it may will pull a smile out of you!


Our motivational Nincha is here to tell you you can do it!

NinchaneseBe positive! The Chinese secret trick to feeling positive
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