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Congratulations on Making It So Far Little Dragon!

You’re doing great!

roots are deep

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You’ve learned of all the key techniques to remain focused and organized during your learning sessions.

You now know:

  • To be consistent and regular in your learning
  • To pick goals you can work towards
  • To choose steps to take to reach your goals small and feasible,
  • To be nice to yourself, to take it little by little, and to allow yourself to make mistakes

Apply all this advice and you’ll see it’ll really help you learn Chinese well!

You know, when people build a skyscraper, they need to build good foundations to make the skyscraper strong and able to resist everything. Same for you, little dragon! This advice will help you build the foundations to keep you strong and motivated to face any obstacles in your Mandarin learning. These techniques provide you with all you need to love learning Chinese and not give up.

Now that you’ve learned the keys to learning Chinese well and effectively, you’re ready for the next part of your training program: how to find inspiration and motivation in your learning.

The Nincha Team

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NinchaneseCongratulations on Making It So Far Little Dragon!
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