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Overcome Your Fears to Learn Chinese

I know that when you dive into Chinese learning, it can be scary. All these characters to remember, this new way of thinking, and the new pronunciation that just entered your life, it’s ok to feel afraid of something unknown and new. But it’s also good to know how to take action against those fears. Fears are keeping you from fulfilling your dreams and reaching your goals. Let me show you how to overcome your fears and after that, you’ll be confident enough to claim that learning Chinese is easy!

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A Far-Off Look

The very first step to overcoming your fears is to be aware of what they are. Don’t deny or reject your fears, they’re human! And as far as I know, you’re a human, right? OK, on Ninchanese, you’re half dragon half person but still, fears are a natural thing for both human beings and animals. Plus, avoiding your fears will make them even bigger and scarier!

Take your notebook and go for it! Write down all your fears and questions about Chinese learning, China and more. There’s nothing to be ashamed of! Recognize your fears, identify and express them. Get familiar with your fears, they mustn’t be unknown to you. Review all the aspects of Chinese learning and decide whether or not you’re scared of something. Get specific about what you’re afraid of. This is the most important step, the identification of your fears.

Then think about them now to understand failure. Why are you afraid? How did it happen? Take a look at your thoughts, write them down, and you’ll see the key to overcoming your fears is to understand them.

From now on, don’t get mad at yourself for not being perfect, no one is! It is totally normal to make mistakes in the beginning. Try to learn from your mistakes, and you’ll see, they’ll happen less and less.

Then, you’ll be ready to for the final step, to talk about them. Telling your fears out loud to someone will help you to come to terms with them.

Your Challenge!

Overcome your fears by following these different steps: be aware that you have fears, identify what you fear exactly, write them down, try to understand the failures and keep journaling all along.

Here’s your mission for this week: Write down 3 to 5 fears you have regarding Chinese learning and find ways to overcome them.

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NinchaneseOvercome Your Fears to Learn Chinese
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