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Learn Chinese Every Day – Don’t Break the Chain!

What about all the new Chinese words you’ve learned by now? Can you remember all the strokes of each character? It’s okay if they’re not perfectly committed to memory, as long as you keep trying. How to learn Chinese every day? “Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” What if I told you there’s a way to remember Chinese words forever? It’s all about not breaking the chain.

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Daily Workouts

How do athletes reach their goals? By working out day after day. By practicing a little bit each day, athletes keep their muscles in shape, become stronger and more resistant. Daily workouts are more effective than intense but spaced out workouts. Regular short and sweet learning sessions are the key to success.

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Become the Athlete of Chinese

You can become an athlete in Mandarin Chinese learning too. How? Improve your learning abilities in Chinese by setting up regular learning sessions. Similar to an athlete doing daily workouts, you need to practice your Chinese a little bit regularly to improve! Study a little bit every day, don’t break the learning chain, and you’ll see results quickly.

If one day, you’re feeling super motivated and two hours go by on Ninchanese without you noticing, that’s great. The next day, if you feel exhausted and only spend 2 minutes on it, that’s okay. Just don’t stop. The key is not to break the chain in your learning, and to expose yourself to Chinese, even if it’s just seeing and hearing Chinese words every day.

How Do You Set Up Daily Workouts to learn Chinese?

Write down in your notebook your scheduled lessons of Chinese. And each time you are done with one, put a checkmark next to it. Don’t forget to write down your thoughts and remarks after each session.

Set up sessions: today you’re going to redo the Chinese speaking exercises, tomorrow you’ll learn new words, and so on. See?

Your Turn!

Schedule your learning sessions on Ninchanese for this week and put a check mark each time you do one. Stay constant, that’s the key.

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NinchaneseLearn Chinese Every Day – Don’t Break the Chain!
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