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How Is It Going So Far in your Chinese Learning?

We bet you’re seeing yourself making progress now, by reaching your goals each time in your learning sessions. Congrats, you’re doing great!

Speaking of them, are you comfortable with your learning sessions now? Did you find the best time for you to learn?

not yet but soon

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Stay Flexible

What works now for you may not work as well later on. That’s normal, you know. Your life changes and you may need to find a new way to fit Chinese in your schedule. The tips you just read will be always there to help you do that.

Let’s Meow

Let’s have a chit-cat, I mean, chit-chat about your progress! Come to the Nincha chat to meet other people and tell us about what you’re proud to have achieved so far!

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NinchaneseHow Is It Going So Far in your Chinese Learning?
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