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How to Minimize Your Goals to Succeed in your Chinese learning

In the previous advice, you learned how to avoid the endless to-do list syndrome, but it’s easy to say and harder to apply, right little dragon? That’s why you may be interested in these great methods to minimize your goals and shorten your to-do list.

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Here’s what you need to do to reduce your to-do list and be more lenient with yourself:

  • Take a step back, look at your main goal. and see where you are at. Take the next main goals you want to achieve and break it down into stages you’ll need to reach.
  • Then try to divide these stages into many small, concrete, goals.
  • Select 3 goals to do today.
  • Add them to your schedule, plan them.

If you think that your goals are still too big to all get done in one go, then pick fewer goals to do per day. For instance, if you put on your to-do list: “Do 6 stages a day on Ninchanese”, it implies doing two sets each of the vocabulary, grammar, and speaking stages! That’s a lot of information to swallow in a row, don’t you think?

Instead of 6 stages; just pick 2 or 3 you feel like doing, and do them the smart way. Don’t rush through. If it’s a speaking exercise, then redo it till you get a good score. Get Yocha to give you a 100 % in the sentence-building stages. Take your time, learn Chinese the smart way and you’ll remember better the pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar rules.

Try This Method

Divide your main goals into as many small goals as you can. Add them to your lists. Pick 3, take the time to tackle each of one on your to-do list, one by one and make sure you take the time to enjoy each goal you’ve finished.

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NinchaneseHow to Minimize Your Goals to Succeed in your Chinese learning
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