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How to make time to learn Chinese?

How did creating your Mandarin Chinese learning plan go? Did you figure out what drives you to be fluent in Chinese? That’s great and it’s certainly going to help you all along your journey to be fluent in Mandarin, little dragon. But how to make time to learn Chinese? Knowing what you want to achieve like fluency is very motivating.

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Now that you have your goal in mind, you may worry about whether or not you’ll be able to reach the main goal of your Chinese learning plan or the stages you’ve outlined. Will I make it to the end? Will I make mistakes? Will I be able to learn all the characters? Do I need immersion?

The answer is: YES, you will. (Yes, even to the making mistakes part!). You will learn all the vocabulary you need. No pressure. Go at your own pace. Take time and everything will go well.

good things take time

Time to Adapt

Chances are you’re going to find Chinese is clearly different to your native language and the other languages you’ve learned. No alphabet, no spaces between words, tones used in speaking and so on. So many new things to discover! You’ll need to adapt to it — adaptation also takes time.

So, ease yourself in, give yourself time to get familiar with Chinese, to explore the platform, and get into the story and the exercises! You’re a baby dragon, experiencing life among cats that speak mandarin, and that’s not an easy thing to do. Be a Chinese speaker, be fluent. As you enter Ninchanese, the Chinese language method will gradually introduce you to Chinese, teach you simple words and the logic behind Chinese words.

Time to Make Time

Learning Chinese is something new in your life. Something you’re adding to your daily routine. Just like anything new in your routine, you’ll want to make some time for it. Pick a time in your day where you want to practice your Chinese and learn new things on Ninchanese, and try to stick to it. Making time for a new activity… takes time, you guessed it.

Time to Play

Let time be your best friend! Take the time to learn the Chinese language and to have fun doing it; this is a key to mastering successfully Chinese. Take time to adapt and learn all the basics of Chinese.

Time to Try

Find a period of your day when you’re free to practice Mandarin Chinese. It may be in the evening after work/school, in the morning before leaving home or during lunch time. Choose your favorite time and schedule a Chinese learning session then! Pick a time that suits you. Write down your feelings during or after your learning session in your notebook. For example, you can try to write the character you have difficulty remembering.

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