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Set small goals to learn Chinese and see how you can speak Chinese

Did you find a time to learn Chinese in your day? That’s a great start! Setting aside a specific time to do some Chinese during your day is a great start to an efficient learning routine. Now that you have a time set aside, let’s think about you want to achieve in that learning session. Set small goals to learn Chinese! Having a small goal to work towards during that learning session is great for motivation!

small goals in Chinese is better

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Avoid Information Overload

As a beginner in Chinese, you certainly want to improve very fast and learn as much as you can to master Mandarin quickly.  That’s wonderful motivation! But trust me, trying to go too fast isn’t a good idea. You’ll suffer from information overload. Like learning pinyin, vocabulary, English meaning and tones and characters… wow. By setting high goals like learning 100 new Chinese words a day, your brain is going to freeze, and you’re going to tire easily.

Begin with Small Goals

Even if your goal is going to China to study the Chinese language. Instead, set small goals, to reach, for example learning 10 new words in the next learning session and doing your Chinese characters reviews. Then, your next learning session can be redoing 5 speaking stages with Ninchanese. Small goals are made to be easily achieved in a day, so don’t overdo it and set tons of small goals to reach each day.

Small Implies Repetition to Reach your Big Goals

If you have small goals, you’ll reach them more often. That’ll motivate you to continue as you’ll know you’re on the right track. Constancy is key in speaking the Chinese language. You’ll learn better by studying a little bit the language every day rather than by doing intensive sessions from time to time.

You know what they say: small goals every day, keep the doctor away! Don’t they? They should.

You’ll learn better by studying a little bit every day some Chinese grammar, working on your tones rather than by doing intensive study sessions from time to time.

And by seeing yourself reaching your goals day after day, you’ll feel very proud and motivated! Quickly you’ll see all the benefits. Small goals will surely lead you to big things.

Today’s Task : studying, speaking, achieve your goals yourself.

Select small goals for each day of the week. Think about learning 10 new Chinese words with pinyin one day. Give time to yourself to adapt your goals. This is your study time, be comfortable with it.

All the small goals you’re making to learn Chinese should be done to make you happy and get your motivation high.

Or, practice a grammar exercise you’ve done before every day, to make sure you remember the grammar rules. You can also practice the writing stages. You’ll feel motivated and confident in your learning. Keep it simple, start very small and stay constant. And when you’ll feel like you’re ready to learn more, adjust the number of things you do every day.

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NinchaneseSet small goals to learn Chinese and see how you can speak Chinese

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