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Borrow Jet Li’s Recipe for Success to Learn Chinese

Did you try to build your focus? Did Confucius’s proverb help you? I bet you’re on the right path to building patience! It takes time, but don’t worry you’ll master it soon. That reminds me of another Master. The notorious Jet Li. For him, having good energy and never feeling let down no matter what were key. Here’s what he said:

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During training, you need to think about happy things. If you’re angry, then you’re like, ‘Grrr,’. I can guarantee the bad energy inside is bothering you. Even if you train for 2 hours, it will still be bothering you for the other 22.”

Jet Li knows that relieving his stress before practicing makes his sessions more efficient. Borrow from Jet Li’s principles for your Chinese learning sessions! Think positive during the learning sessions, it’s important. It helps you remain focused, motivated and patient, which helps you learn more easily.

happiness is the path

Have Fun Learning

Thinking positive also applies to how you’re learning: are you enjoying the way you’re learning?

Make it something you look forward to doing. Although speaking Chinese to the level you wish is the goal, make sure you’re also enjoying the journey. Don’t let your goal stop you from appreciating what you’re doing and living what you’re learning. If you’re happy and having fun while you learn, you don’t see time fly by and learning becomes much easier. This is something we strongly believe and want to give you in Ninchanese. Happy learning is just more fun.

Your Mission

Remember Jet Li’s wise words little dragon: think happy things and feel happy when practicing Chinese. They’ll help you stay focused and master Chinese!

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NinchaneseBorrow Jet Li’s Recipe for Success to Learn Chinese
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