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It’s Always Better to Learn a Language with Friends

The More, The Merrier! Little dragon, one more piece of advice before you fly off on your own. Once you’ve said yes to new adventures, find old and new friends to join you on them. The more, the merrier, especially when it comes to learning Chinese.

life is better with friends

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Turn Your Friends into Your Chinese Learning Cheerleaders

In life, whenever you feel a bit down, the first persons you reach out for help are your friends or relatives. If you’re feeling unmotivated, talking to your friends about your Chinese learning goals can and keeping them updated is a good idea. They’ll know how to cheer you up and advise you when you feel down.

Or into Learning Buddies

If you have a friend that is also learning Chinese, you two will make an excellent learning duo.  What’s best that doing something you love with a friend? You can help, support each other and play Ninchanese together. It’s way more motivating to learn Chinese when you’re doing it with a friend. Especially when you can battle in the Ninchallenges. Who’s going to win?

What If You Have No Friends That Are Learning Chinese Too?

It’s easy to make friends and share your journey with other learners of Ninchanese’s community. All you need to do is to head to the Nincha chat to meet other learners just like you.

Your Challenge

Head to the Ninchanese chat and introduce yourself to the other learners. They’ll be glad to meet a Chinese learner like them.

Your second mission: play a Ninchallenge a day! Bonus points if you play with someone from the chat!

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NinchaneseIt’s Always Better to Learn a Language with Friends
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