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Think Positive and You will Speak Chinese

Accepting failure is not a piece of (moon) cake! How do you recover from failing or making a mistake? Well, you can start by keeping this Chinese proverb as your mantra or go-to positive sentence:


Xiào kǒu cháng kāi, hǎo yùn zìrán lái

Keep smiling and good luck will come to you

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Good Things to Come

Think positive and positive things will come to you. Keep a positive outlook on bad things as much as possible. Find the goodness in bad things and it’ll be easier for you to accept making mistakes. Remember also that a smiling person is more attractive than a grumpy one. People would rather spend time with someone smiling than someone pouting! 😉

smile and luck

Just like in Chinese, think positive: you can do it, you can get more than 50% in the speaking stages. Send out positive vibes and positive things will come your way. I’m sure you’ll make it! And if you don’t, then try again until you succeed. Never give up and keep smiling!

Be Healthier!

According to studies, positive thinking has an impact on your brain and body. In short, thinking positive and smiling makes you healthier. People that think negatively tend to fall ill more often than optimistic people. So, if you want to stay healthy you need to think positive as much as possible.

Today’s Mission

Smile and think positive, then you’ll be able to do everything you want! Want to be fluent in Chinese? Or want to get a perfect in Ninchanese’s sentence-building stages? Tell yourself you can do it! Never mind the mistakes, just trust yourself and you’ll succeed. Fail again. Fail better. Succeed.

The Nincha Team

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