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Top 10 Manhua of all time to read in Chinese

Are you a fan of Chinese manhua? If so, you’re in for a treat! Chinese manhua has a long history, and some of the most beloved titles of all time come from the genre. Manhua is also full of different styles of stories, giving you a unique insight into Chinese culture.

From 漫画, màn huà, inspired by the classic ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ to the modern-day ‘The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (one of my personal favorites), there’s something for everyone. So whether you’re a long-time fan or just getting started, here are the top 10 Chinese manhuas of all time!

Before we dive in: Discover a Manhua and Donghua course

You’ll find these names in the Manhua course on Ninchanese too. There is a lot of specific lingo to know when going into the Manhua genre. It can sometimes be difficult to understand what’s going on, so we selected the essential Chinese vocabulary to know to understand Manhuas and Donhuas and made it available for everyone.

Top 10 Chinese Manhuas

All of these manhuas are not really beginner friendly. They require an intermediate to advanced level of Chinese. But I’ve found one less difficult! Head to the 11th bonus to discover which one it is!
1. A heavenly manhua: Heaven official's blessing

1. 天官赐福 – Tiān guān cì fú – Heaven Official’s Blessing

You can read the manhua on Manga Bilibili

800 years ago, Xie Lian was a noble Crown Prince who ascended and became a god with tens of thousands of worshippers. However, he was demoted again and again and fell to rock bottom. Finally, 800 years later, Xie Lian ascended again, taking a mysterious young man home – the Ghost King Hua Cheng.

2. A manhua about the cycle of life: here you are

2. 原来你在这里 – Yuánlái nǐ zài zhèlǐ – Here U Are

You can read the manhua on Dongmanmanhua

Yang Yu meets Huan Li, a new student with a daunting presence. Despite Huan Li’sLi’s cold attitude towards him, Yang Yu believes their encounter will change his perspective on life and maybe even love.
3. One of the best manhuas: Demonic cultivation

3. 魔道祖师 – Módào zǔshī – The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

You can read the manhua on Kuaikan manhua

Wei Wuxian, the Yiling Patriarch, is summoned in a madman’s body and finds himself in Mo Village. There, he meets Lan Wangji. They investigate the mystery of a dismembered arm leaking demonic energy linked to Wei Wuxian’sWuxian’s past. Along the way, they face friends and enemies from Wei Wuxian’sWuxian’s past.
4. Princess tales manhua: Song of the Long March

4. 長歌行 – Chánggē xíng – Song of the Long March

You can read the manhua on manhwatop

Song of the Long March follows the story of Princess Yongning, who survives a coup d’état that kills her family and then takes on the identity of Li Chang Ge. She moves to the Shou province and uses her wits to gain the trust of the Shou emperor, quickly climbing the military ranks as a brilliant strategist. The story follows her journey, full of countless adventures, friendships, and enemies.
5. Princess in real life manhua: begin with your name

5. SQ从你的名字开始 – SQ : cóng nǐ de míngzì kāishǐ – SQ: Begin W/Your Name!

You can read the manhua on QQ Manhua

Sun Jing has a crush on Qiu Tong, a cute girl she sees at the bus station. Finally, Sun Jing musters up the courage to introduce herself, and they become friends. Sun Jing is determined to make Qiu Tong smile and hopes her genuine kindness will eventually win her over.
6. This manhua shows you what a real friendship is like: Nanhao Shangfeng

6. 南号尚风 – Nán hào shàng fēng – Nanhao Shangfeng

You can read the manhua on QQ Manhua

Nanhao and Shangfeng are two high school boys who have been best friends since childhood. They experience the highs and lows of teenage life together as they navigate the ups and downs of their friendship and the world around them.
7. Slice of life meets high school Chinese comics: 19 days

7. 19天 – 19 tiān – 19 Days

You can read the manhua on QQ Manhua

Five high school boys (Jianyi, Zhan Zhengxi, Fa Xiao, He Tian, and Mo Guan Shan) grow up together. They formed a solid friendship and go through many funny and life-changing experiences.
8. A super moving and epic Manhua: 封神紀

8. 封神紀 I & II & III – Fēng shén jì I & II & III – Gods and Monsters: Feng Shen Ji I & II & III

You can read the manhua on 98 comic

The gods sent a messenger to Zhao Ge, but the Shang dynasty emperor Zi Zhou refused to bow his head and declared his independence. In response, Wu Jifa of a neighboring land leads a crusade against the Shang. Zhao joins the fight, but a god intervenes and confronts him directly.
9. the one

9. 独领风骚 – Dú lǐng fēngsāo – The one

You can read the manhua on 18p

Lele is born into the fashion industry but hates it due to the tragic loss of her parents. She is reluctantly drawn into modeling by her mother’s sister but finds inspiration in American model Angus Lanson. When Lele meets Angus and his twin brother Eros, she embarks on a journey to become a top model in New York City and perhaps find love.
10. An epic fashion manhua: the ravage of time

10. 火凤燎原 – Huǒ fèng liáoyuán – The Ravages of Time

You can read the manhua on Manhua gui

Ravages of Time is an adaptation of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, focusing on the fortunes of Liu Bei, Cao Cao, the Sun family, and the Sima family. The Sima family is a successful and wealthy merchant family, led by the young Sima Yi, who has a knack for finding profitable business ventures. However, they also have a sinister side, commanding the Handicapped Warriors, a group of mercenary assassins who are reputed to be infallible.
11. A super cute comics and animated picture: The legend of Hei

11. 罗小黑战记 – Luō xiǎo hēi zhàn jì – The legend of Hei

You can read the manhua on Manga Bilibili

Luo Xiaohei, a cat spirit, is separated from the other spirits when humans deforest his home. He meets Wuxian, a human, and goes on a journey to learn to control his abilities and form his own opinion on whether to side with the spirits or humans.

And if you want to see the Donghua (the animated version), you can head here (

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