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Chinese wedding: four words for ultimate good-luck

So you’re marrying into a Chinese family. Congrats! Do you know what’s likely to show up on your bed on your Chinese wedding day? Fruit. Lots of it. Sound strange? It isn’t, really, once you understand why some fruits are associated with good luck and babies. So how did four fruits come to be seen as the ultimate Chinese wedding good luck charm?

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NinchaneseChinese wedding: four words for ultimate good-luck

Dumpling party for the Chinese New Year

The Snake Year is just around the corner. Starting today, 9th of February, 春节( chūnjié) celebrations mark the time to say goodbye to our Dragon pal and welcome in the mighty Black Snake. Here’s to hoping the water and fire elements that symbolize Snake Years will behave this year (unlike past Snake years….) and we’ll have a good year! What better way to start off the New Year celebrations than with a making/eating Dumpling party?

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NinchaneseDumpling party for the Chinese New Year

Chopsticks: Where to put down your chopsticks

The other night, we were at a (really good!) Chinese restaurant with a Chinese friend and her Chinese colleague. Feeling a bit self-conscious as we didn’t know this colleague very well, we were really focused on our Chinese table manners. Handling our chopsticks properly particularly came to mind. During dinner, one question arose: where do we put down our chopsticks? Turns out there are big no-nos in this field. Also, the answer can depend on who you’re talking to. So, today, we’re looking at one aspect of cultural etiquette that is sure to come in handy when eating in China: where to put down your chopsticks!

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NinchaneseChopsticks: Where to put down your chopsticks