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How to Make Your Chinese Lantern

When you think about Chinese symbols, the Chinese lantern is probably one of the first things that spring to mind. But why is the Chinese lantern so present and popular in China? Not a single Chinese festival happens without lanterns nowadays. How did that come to be? Let’s explore the history of Chinese lantern to learn why and let’s learn how to make our own!

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NinchaneseHow to Make Your Chinese Lantern

The 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs And The Leftover Cat

Have you ever wondered why there was no cat in the Chinese zodiac animals? So have we! There’s a tiger, we got it, it comes from the same family as cats, but still, a tiger is no cat. So, we investigated the matter and wrote this post to explain to you everything to know about Chinese zodiac signs, and especially why there’s no cat zodiac sign!

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NinchaneseThe 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs And The Leftover Cat

Unexpected Chinese Customs and Beliefs to Watch out For

Did you know that pears were Chinese friendships’ number one enemy? I can feel your curiosity from where I’m standing. There is so much mystery to solve behind Chinese customs and beliefs, right? Well, have a sit and make yourself comfortable. We’re going to see together what is and isn’t appropriate for Chinese people. As the universal saying goes: 入乡随俗 rù xiāng suí sú Do in Rome as the Roman do. A guest must do it as his host wants. So let’s learn all about the Chinese customs and beliefs you might not have expected to watch out for and you’ll become the perfect Roman in Rome!

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NinchaneseUnexpected Chinese Customs and Beliefs to Watch out For

What’s your prediction for the Fire Monkey year?

Yesterday, the 8th of February 2016 was the Red Fire Monkey Year (火猴年 Huǒ hóu nián), Chinese New Year celebrations started and marked the beginning of the Red Fire Monkey Year (猴年 hóu nián). Happy Year of the Monkey! 猴年大吉!

Each year, new predictions are set according to traditional Chinese astrology. This Lunar Year is dedicated to the Monkey, the Ninth Zodiac Sign, so predictions can give you an indication of what may happen to you this Fire Monkey year and which signs will be lucky or unlucky. Wondering what this Year will be like? Let’s see what’s in store for you, this year.

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NinchaneseWhat’s your prediction for the Fire Monkey year?

Year of the goat or year of the sheep?

羊年 is coming! The Chinese New Year celebrations are starting soon, and you might be asking yourself a crucial question: Are we entering the year of the goat or the year of the sheep? Or is it the year of the ram?
You’ve probably seen all three in posts and illustrations, so we understand you could be puzzled. Here’s what you need to know.

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NinchaneseYear of the goat or year of the sheep?

Valentine Day? No, it’s the Lantern festival!

Feeling anti-Valentine or don’t have a date for Valentine Day?  Well, not to worry! We have a perfect excuse for you today…. 元宵节 (Yuánxiāo jiéà the Lantern festival! It falls today and is a very important festival in China because it marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations! So why not celebrate that instead, if Valentine Day and adorable Valentine cards aren’t your thing?

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NinchaneseValentine Day? No, it’s the Lantern festival!

马年快乐! Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse!

新年快乐! 马年好!
Happy Chinese New Year!

The Year of the Wooden Horse starts today. Want to wish someone a Chinese New Year greeting that has a horse theme? Here are a few essential ones to bestow your best wishes onto your friends and family! It will works for other year too, so look closely at the chinese vocabulary for Chinese new year

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Ninchanese马年快乐! Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse!