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Valentine Day? No, it’s the Lantern festival!

Feeling anti-Valentine or don’t have a date for Valentine Day?  Well, not to worry! We have a perfect excuse for you today…. 元宵节 (Yuánxiāo jiéà the Lantern festival! It falls today and is a very important festival in China because it marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations! So why not celebrate that instead, if Valentine Day and adorable Valentine cards aren’t your thing?

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NinchaneseValentine Day? No, it’s the Lantern festival!

马年快乐! Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse!

新年快乐! 马年好!
Happy Chinese New Year!

The Year of the Wooden Horse starts today. Want to wish someone a Chinese New Year greeting that has a horse theme? Here are a few essential ones to bestow your best wishes onto your friends and family! It will works for other year too, so look closely at the chinese vocabulary for Chinese new year

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Ninchanese马年快乐! Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse!

Dumpling party for the Chinese New Year

The Year of the Tiger is just around the corner. Starting today, with 除夕, which is the Chinese New Year’s eve,  春节( chūnjié) celebrations mark the time to say goodbye to our Ox pal and welcome in the mighty Water Tiger. Here’s to hoping we’ll have a good year! What better way to start off the New Year celebrations than with a making/eating Dumpling party?

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NinchaneseDumpling party for the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year: How to Celebrate?

When it comes to New Year celebrations in China, it’s not the 1st of January that counts. It’s the beginning of the new lunar year that matters. The Chinese New Year is also known as 春节 (chūnjié, literally Spring festival). Curious to learn more about this Chinese New Year? Here’s a crash course in celebrating New year’s Chinese Style.

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NinchaneseChinese New Year: How to Celebrate?