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Top 10 Fun Activities to Keep Learning Chinese This Summer

Summer is almost here! Time for many outdoor activities such as picnics, tanning, swimming but also forgetting about your Chinese learning. How can you prevent that from happening? Check out these 10 ways to avoid summer Chinese learning loss in having fun.

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ninchaTop 10 Fun Activities to Keep Learning Chinese This Summer

Dragon Boat Festival Part 2: The Best Places to See The Boat Race

The Dragon Festival is coming soon! This Thursday is going to be full of celebrations in China and across the world. But where can you go to experience the famous boat race and Dragon Boat celebrations? Let me show you the best places in China and around the world to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival!

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ninchaDragon Boat Festival Part 2: The Best Places to See The Boat Race

Chinese Street Food: The Guide

Did you know Hong Kong’s street food stalls made the Michelin list not too far back? If Chinese street food listed is in the prestigious guide, you know it’s gotta be good. But with so many options to choose from, where do you start? Not to worry, we’re here to help. With this drool-worthy list of 9 Chinese street food treats you need to try asap, you have everything you need to go on an eating adventure like no other. The best part? The items listed here all cost 1 dollar or less so there’s nothing stopping you from tasting and sampling these street food Chinese delicacies. So, ready to leave Chinese restaurants behind and to go outside to eat wonderful Chinese street food?

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ninchaChinese Street Food: The Guide

The Dragon Boat Festival Part 1: 4 Activities To Do

The Dragon Boat Festival or Duanwu Festival, 端午节 Duānwǔjié is today, Saturday the 20th June (2015)! Each year, this festival is celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th month of the lunar calendar, which falls on a different day every year. Read through to know the 4 things to do during this Festival!

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NinchaneseThe Dragon Boat Festival Part 1: 4 Activities To Do

A bite of China season 2!

We posted an article last year about CCTV’s mouth-watering 7 part documentary on Chinese food, which was called “A bite of China”. It turns out it was such a big success they decided to make a season 2 of the show! “A bite of China” II started airing again in April, and airs every week. The episodes can be found here and here with English subs.

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NinchaneseA bite of China season 2!

Chinese food: Explore Chinese cuisine one bite at a time

How do you feel about learning Chinese one bite at a time?

Ok, you’ll be mostly learning about Chinese food, but this popular CCTV documentary, aptly named “A bite of China” is a great excuse to practice your Chinese while feasting your eyes on mouth-watering specialties. Does that sound good? More (and the video!) after the jump.

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NinchaneseChinese food: Explore Chinese cuisine one bite at a time

Chinese wedding: four words for ultimate good-luck

So you’re marrying into a Chinese family. Congrats! Do you know what’s likely to show up on your bed on your Chinese wedding day? Fruit. Lots of it. Sound strange? It isn’t, really, once you understand why some fruits are associated with good luck and babies. So how did four fruits come to be seen as the ultimate Chinese wedding good luck charm?

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NinchaneseChinese wedding: four words for ultimate good-luck

Dumpling party for the Chinese New Year

The Snake Year is just around the corner. Starting today, 9th of February, 春节( chūnjié) celebrations mark the time to say goodbye to our Dragon pal and welcome in the mighty Black Snake. Here’s to hoping the water and fire elements that symbolize Snake Years will behave this year (unlike past Snake years….) and we’ll have a good year! What better way to start off the New Year celebrations than with a making/eating Dumpling party?

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NinchaneseDumpling party for the Chinese New Year