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10 Pictures of Hong Kong That Will Make You Dizzy

Have you ever looked up at Hong Kong skyscrapers long enough that you’re no longer sure which way is up and which way is down? Some get such a kick out of doing that that they turn it into a series of pictures! Like here in these disorienting pictures. Check them out below, and trust us, these pictures of Hong Kong will make you dizzy.

These pictures of Hong Kong were taken by French photographer Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze as he decided to explore Hong Kong’s verticality.

Pictures of Hong Kong

honk kong building

Seeing everything from below like that…

Don’t these pictures make you dizzy?

Disorienting vertical picture of Hong Kong apartment building

Or at least seriously disoriented?

Disorienting picture of Hong Kong sky scraper with trees

They’re making me a bit queasy.

Disorienting vertical picture of square skyscraper

And it’s a good thing this isn’t a hole one could fall into.

Disorienting picture of Hong Kong sky scrapers

Other than that, we think these photos are awesome!

Disorienting and very graphic picture of Hong Kong sky scraper

These photographs are published in a book Vertical Horizon.

Disorienting picture of builidngs and signs in HongKong signs seen from below

To see even more pictures (and order his book), go here.


Where skyscrapers almost meet in the sky, taken from below

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