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Fist bump, two meanings?

When learning a language, non-verbal cues are just as important as verbal ones. Here’s one to know: the meaning of the fist bump!

Why’s that? Well, the Chinese don’t exactly use the fist pump the same way Westerners do! Click through to learn how to use it in China!

A Victory gesture

In the West, the fist bump means “Yes! Success!” “Victory!” and is truly a celebratory moment. There are countless excellent victorious fist pump moments:

Yes! Victory Fist bump

or this one here:


Fist bump of support

In China however, the fist pump means 加油 Jiā yòu! 加油 is used to cheer someone on. So this fist bump conveys support and encouragement. A “You can do it” of sorts. If you’re hanging with Chinese people, you’ll see doing it regularly. It’s pretty commom for them to encourage themself or their friends.


And here’s Aaron Yan, a famous Taiwanese model/actor/singer cheering you on:

Aaron Yan cheering you on 加油

Which version of the fist pump do you like best?

Odds are you won’t confuse these two uses of the fist pump, as they clearly aren’t used in the same context. If you look closely to the defnition of 加油 Jiā yòu , it can also mean to accelerate. So really, the meaning is different and it used at different moment! It’s really funny to see how we are using it at the Nincha Team, so litteraly we are doing it all the time; when we xant to encouratge ourself, encourage one of our team member or when we did something good or when someone dis something good.

But now you know how to silently show support to your Chinese friends! 🙂

And 加油! to you all for this new lunar year!

The Nincha Team

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