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Nincha travels: 坐火车 – taking the train

Nincha, the lucky cat, loves traveling! Today, he’s taking the train and telling us in Mandarin Chinese why he likes traveling by train so much! Let’s see what he has to say about trains and let’s learn how to say taking the train in Mandarin.

Nincha's enjoying taking the train and says "我喜欢做火车旅行'


Wǒ xǐhuan zuò huǒchē lǚxíng

I love taking the train to travel

Let’s break down the words:

  • –  – I, me, my. Here: I
  • 喜欢 – xǐhuan –  to like, to be fond of.
  •   – zuò – to sit; to take
  • 火车 –  huǒchē –  train
  • 旅行 – lǚxíng – to travel, journey, trip. Here: to travel.
    • Here’s a tip to find 旅行 with your IME (input method editor, what allows you to type in Chinese): instead of the ü, type a v! That’s the norm in Chinese as most keyboards don’t have an easy way to type such things (with the exception of languages like French or German, that have diacritical marks like ¨ or accents).

Did you know?  To say “to take the train”, the Chinese say 坐火车, which literally means “to sit (in) the train”. That actually makes a lot of sense. When you take a train, you’re sitting on the train, not driving it, so why not be specific and say that instead of just “take”? Make sure you remember. In a similar fashion, you can say  坐公共汽车 to take the bus or  坐飞机, to take a plane.

Stay tuned for more of Nincha’s adventures and travels!

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NinchaneseNincha travels: 坐火车 – taking the train
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