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The Ninchallenge Tournament is now open!

Join the action of the first ever Ninchallenge Tournament! For the next two weeks, Ninchanese is holding a Tournament for Chinese learners across the world. Starting today, you can play fun battles with your friends and other Chinese learners over your knowledge of Chinese! There are cool prizes to win for the Ninchampion!

It’s easy and fun to start competing in the Ninchallenge Tournament!

Now is the perfect time to start competing in the Ninchallenge Tournament. The Tournament is a fun way for Chinese Learners Learners to compete in Ninchallenges, hang out with other passionate Chinese learners and show your love of Chinese.

Have fun practicing Chinese this summer!

For the next two weeks, the Ninchallenges can be your fun way to practice your Chinese this summer! The Ninchallenges are fun one to one matches centered on your knowledge of Chinese. They’re a fantastic opportunity to have fun and practice your Mandarin Chinese as you play against other Chinese learners in the Tournament!

It is free and open to Chinese learners of all ages and skill levels. Just sign up on Ninchallenge Tournament, join a Ninchallenge or start a Ninchallenge with a friend and get started on the path toward becoming the 2015 NinChampion!

The first edition of the Ninchallenge Tournament is now officially underway, with cool prizes to win throughout the Tournament.  Players around the world have begun participating in Ninchallenges to climb their way to the top of the leaderboard!

Learn more about the Ninchallenge Tournament.

Ready to begin? Find a Ninchallenge to play!

Good luck, little dragon!

May the Chinese knowledge be with you!

The Ninchallenge Tournament is organized by Ninchanese, the gamified Chinese learning appNinchanese combines addictive game mechanics, cute cats and efficient Chinese learning techniques to make learning Chinese a lot of fun! The app is now in beta so sign up now for early accessCheck out our trailer and stay in touch with us on FacebookTwitterGoogle + and Pinterest.

NinchaneseThe Ninchallenge Tournament is now open!