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Ninchanese is on Product Hunt!

Big news: Ninchanese was just hunted on Product Hunt! We’re now in the top apps of the day, meowsome! Our goal is to stay in the top featured apps of the day, want to give us a hand? 🙂

ninchanese is on product hunt

This is huge!

Product Hunt is a super cool site the Nincha Team likes to use a lot. On Product Hunt, cool new products get hunted every day. Then the other “hunters” vote for the products they like best, and those who get the most votes get featured on the home page as top products of the day. It’s a fun system and an easy way to discover new tools that make our life or work easier.

So imagine our delight when we saw we were hunted and were one of the trending apps on the homepage! Yes! It’s a huge honor to be featured on this site!

Here’s the link to our Product Hunt page:  You can also head to straight to the homepage of Product Hunt, you’ll see us featured there today!

3rd in the featured apps of the day!

#3rd of the day on Product Hunt!

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Want to check out Ninchanese on ProductHunt? Head to We want to know what you think of Ninchanese, so please, join the conversation! We’re looking forward to hearing feedback and to answering your questions!

Also, if you have friends that are learning Chinese, it’d be meowsome if you could share the page with them!

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NinchaneseNinchanese is on Product Hunt!