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My idol: your dose of Friday Fun in Chinese

TGIF! We found some Friday fun for you! And it’s all in Chinese 🙂 It’s a silly little Chinese app called My Idol (小偶) that turns you into a hilarious 3D dancing cartoon… Upload your picture, let it map it out in 3D, choose what your avatar is going to look like and have fun exploring!

We’re warning you: it’s really silly and maybe even a little creepy. But it’s really well done and iIt’s completely in Chinese; so isn’t that a great way to have a lot of fun and practice your Chinese at the same time?

It’s also trending right now and is the Internet’s funniest “new obsession” so if you wake up to 3D renderings of your friends wearing unique clothes and singing strange songs in Chinese all over the interwebs, you’ll know where they come from!

Behold, our Nincha Team’s Creations

Yanjie, Intern Nincha, has chosen to remind you that it’s important to drink lots of hot water.
Yanjie: Drink Water

Sarah, Chief Beta Nincha tells you to take your meds. Incidentally, the Chinese say 吃药 (Chī yào), i.e eat your meds for “take your meds”. Makes sense!

Jean-Rémi, Chief  Experience Nincha went for fake abs and kungfu moves.

and Mathieu, Chief Development Nincha, shows up what he’s really dreaming of doing right now.

We warned you it was going to be some silly Friday fun 🙂

Want to give it a try?
Download the app here:
Create your own and show us!

NinchaneseMy idol: your dose of Friday Fun in Chinese