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Chinese software tribulations: Funny uninstall pictures

I just had to share these funny de-install pictures with you: they are too cute! They come from a Chinese software called 搜狗高速浏览器 (Sōugǒu gāosù liúlǎn qì, Sogou’s high speed browser).

The other day, I had to uninstall Sogou’s browser, which unfortunately came with my favorite pinyin input editor (remind me to tell you guys about it one day), despite me not wanting it. The de-install messages were so adorable, I took a few screenshots to show you!

Meet 小搜 (Xiao Sou), the Chinese software’s cute avatar

The first screen you get when you want to uninstall the browser is this one:

Sogou's emotional attempt to keep you from uninstalling their browser

Sogou’s emotional attempt to keep you from uninstalling their browser.

It says:


wǒ shì xiǎo sōu, wǒmen bùnéng zuò péngyǒule ma?

I’m Xiao Sou, can’t we be friends?

And gives you two options to respond:

  • 算了吧

Suànle ba

Forget it!


  • 再给个机会

zài gěi gè jīhuì

I’ll give you another chance.

So, do you believe in second chances or not?

If you hover over the 算了吧 button, you then get this picture of Xiao sou bawling.


Oh no he’s crying! Does that pull at your heartstrings?

He’s saying (amidst his tears, and boy is it tough to understand a person speaking Chinese when crying):


duìbùqǐ, gǎnxiè nín zhème duō tiān de péibàn!

Sorry (to hear that?), and thanks for “accompanying me”!

On the other hand, if you pick 再给个机会, you get a smiley boy and a sweet comment:

XiaoSou is really going to love you if you don't uninstall him

XiaoSou is really going to love you if you don’t uninstall him

Notice that little heart he’s sending you? Boy, is he relieved.

Here’s what he’s saying:


xièxiè nín, wǒ huì biàn de ràng nín gèng mǎnyì!

Thank you, I will become more satisfying!

Who knew uninstalling a browser was such an emotional affair!  I still uninstalled the browser. How about you? Would you have been swayed by this cute little guy?

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