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Christmas in Chinese and Other Purrfect Words for the Holidays

The Holidays are upon us! Bet you’re excited! Want to know how to say Christmas in Chinese for the occasion? Feeling curious to know how Christmas and the Holidays are celebrated in China? Read on below to discover purrfect words in Chinese for the Holidays! Better yet, there’s a special free world on Ninchanese so you can learn those words. Let’s learn how to wish everyone happy holidays in Mandarin Chinese!

How to say Christmas in Chinese

First things first, let’s see how to write Christmas in Chinese.

Shèng Dàn jié

That’s how you say Christmas in Chinese: 圣诞节 / Shèng Dàn jié.

Merry Meowy Christmas

To talk about Christmas Eve, you say:平安夜, [Píng ān Yè], which literally means: the Safe and Sound eve.
That’s also how you say “Silent Night” in Chinese. And yes, the famous Christmas Carol “Silent Night” is called 平安夜, [Píng ān Yè] in Mandarin!

Píng ān Yè
Christmas Eve.

To write Merry Christmas in Chinese characters, you want to add the word 快乐, which means happy.

So to say Merry Christmas in Chinese language, you’ll say:

Shèng Dàn jié kuài lè
Merry Christmas

Celebrate Christmas in Chinese with a special world!

Christmas in China

Christmas in China is not quite celebrated the way other Christian-oriented countries celebrate it. Still, the holiday is becoming more and more popular in Chinese, so we’ve put together something special for the occasion: a Christmas-centric Mini-Course on Ninchanese!

Spend Meowy Holidays on Ninchanese!

In this special mini-world, you’ll experience how the Chinese celebrate Christmas. You’ll also learn the purrfect words and phrases you need to know to celebrate Christmas in Chinese and enjoy the holidays!

The special world dedicated to the Holidays is now available on the App and free for all Nincha learners (that can be you! Just sign up!). This Merry Holiday world is available for a limited time only: from the 20th of December 2021 to the 3rd of January 2022.

All those that will have finished these Holiday Stages by that date will earn a Nincha Holiday Badge! Make your friends and fellow Nincha learners envious with this exclusive badge! What are you waiting for? 🙂 Click below to get started!

Special Meowy Holidays in Chines with Ninchanese!

Or click here to head to Ninchanese if you can’t load the image.

You will be learning these words in Chinese for the holidays

Ooh, you want to know what you’ll be learning in these stages? Here are some of the words and phrases you’ll see:

  •  节日 jié rì holiday; festival; holidays;
  • 礼物 lǐ wù gift; present;
  • zhù to wish; to express good wishes;
  • 快乐 kuài lè happy; merry;
  • 新年 xīn nián New Year;
  • 圣诞 Shèng dàn Christmas;
  • 圣诞节 Shèng dàn jié Christmas; Christmas season; Christmas time;
  • 圣诞老人 Shèngdàn Lǎorén Santa Claus; Father Christmas;
  • 节日快乐 Jié rì kuài lè  Happy Holidays;
  • 圣诞快乐Shèng dàn kuài lè  Merry Christmas;
  • 新年快乐 Xīn nián kuài lè Happy New Year.

Discover the rest and learn how to use these holiday words and phrases in Chinese in the Special Christmas World on Ninchanese!  It’s free!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays in Chinese

More Christmas in Chinese Words

Want to go beyond the special Christmas Mini-World on Ninchanese? No problem! With the Nincha Decks, you can create as many vocabulary lists as you want about Christmas and the holidays in Chinese to go with it!
Learn Christmas greetings in Chinese, explore more Christmas Words in Chinese, focus on Christmas meals… The World’s your Oyster so go wild!

Here are 16 more Christmas Words to get you started – purrfect for your first Holiday-themed Nincha Deck!

Chinese Words to put yourself in the Christmas Spirit

Word Pinyin Meaning
圣诞气氛 Shèngdàn qìfēn Christmas spirit
降临节日历 Jiàng lín jié rì lì Advent Calendar
圣诞树 Shèngdàn shù Christmas Tree
圣诞灯 Shèngdàn dēng Christmas Lights
圣诞市场 Shèngdàn shì chǎng Christmas market
驯鹿 Xùnlù Reindeer
精灵 Jīnglíng Elves
雪橇 Xuěqiāo sleigh
冰橇 Bīng qiāo sled
长筒袜 Cháng tǒng wà stockings
雪人 Xuě ren Snowman
圣诞歌 Shèngdàn gē Christmas Carols
包装纸  bāo zhuāng zhǐ wrapping paper
热葡萄酒 rè pútáojiǔ Mulled Wine
圣诞拉炮 shèngdàn lā pào feast, banquet
蛋酒  dàn jiǔ Eggnog

Enjoy! And hopefully, learning these words will spark a little extra joy these holidays.

On this note,

The Nincha Team wishes you 圣诞快乐!

Have great holidays, everyone!

And one more thing…

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NinchaneseChristmas in Chinese and Other Purrfect Words for the Holidays


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    Thanks for the holiday special, it was fun! When is the full version of Ninchanese going to be released? (^^) I can’t wait!

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    Hey Andrew, glad you enjoyed the Christmas Holiday Special! The full version of Ninchanese is coming soon! Stay tuned for a few changes and new things 🙂

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