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Pick the Best Time: Try A Morning Routine to Learn Chinese

Did you pick out time-robbers in your day? Now that you’ve made time in your day, you can think about finding the best time to learn Chinese. How about in the morning? Did you know that’s when your brain has the most potential?

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Champions Rituals

Channel the NinChaolin monks, the masters of morning rituals. These brave monks get up at 5.30 a.m., have breakfast and go practice meditation, chants and Kung Fu every morning. Jet Li and Jackie Chan, two other great champions, also have a specific morning routine, and always start their day with a ritual of breakfast and sports. Then, they’re all fired up for the day. All these inspiring persons always wake up at the same time and repeat the same habits every morning. They create healthy practices for themselves that energize them. You can too.

daily routine success

Create A New Morning Ritual

Let’s imagine you usually get up at 7 a.m. Start your day in a smart and productive way. Stretch and do some Taiichi or physical exercises to stay in shape. Then you can have breakfast and do a 15-minute Chinese learning session on Ninchanese to wake up the right way. Start your day in a smart and productive way. This new morning ritual is going to help you find time to learn Chinese on Ninchanese. Plus, as your brain has maximum energy in the morning, you’ll remember better the words you’ve just learned.

Try the Athlete’s Method

Are you more the kind of person that likes to lay in bed and do nothing after their alarm clock wakes them up? Wouldn’t it be awesome to use that time to learn new words or to build new sentences in Ninchanese instead of doing nothing? To make the method work, preparation is key. Grab your learning tool: your phone. Place your phone next to your bed just like athletes often put their sports shoes near their bed before they go to sleep, to be ready to run. Then use the 7 most effective minutes of your brain’s day to learn Chinese when you wake up! Perfect for a quick review session!

Time to Get in The Ring!

Morning rituals are very important to find consistency. Consistency leads you to improving quickly and then to success. Try these new morning rituals and see how you can organize your timetable in the morning – don’t forget to write it down in your notebook to see it clearly. Become as wise as the NinChaolin monks and as strong as our well-known champs.

Your Mission

Your challenge, this week, is to follow this new timetable for a week and see how it goes. That’s all for today Little Dragon!

The Nincha Team

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NinchanesePick the Best Time: Try A Morning Routine to Learn Chinese
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