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Focused Work: Your Week’s Challenge!

You now know all the secrets to building your focus like the great Master Yocha does. Therefore, I think you’re ready for a challenge! Next time you go onto Ninchanese, here’s your mission:

challenge accepted

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  • Pick one of Baimei’s dialogues
  • Practice this dialogue 3 times
  • Your goal: Get a score of more than 60% in the end

This challenge will help you figure out if you can stay focused, and show you that you can do great things when you put your mind to it. And if you can’t remain focused while practicing, then you’ll know what you have to work on.

So, what do you say, challenge accepted?

Take a deep breath, picture your goal inside your head and fly little dragon!

The Nincha Team

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NinchaneseFocused Work: Your Week’s Challenge!
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