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Progress In Chinese Is Within Your Reach

So, which dialogue did you pick? Aren’t you glad you did that hard work? It’s rewarding to see yourself progress.

In Chinese, there’s a very famous quote saying:


Shīfù lǐng jìnmén, xiūxíng zài gèrén.

The master may teach, but progress is up to the hard work of the student.

What great inspiration, don’t you think?

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Master Nincha Will Teach You

Ninchanese guides you in your learning: it teaches you all the vocabulary you need, helps you discover the grammar rules and practice to improve your Mandarin pronunciation. But, learning the content is up to you. Nincha, Yocha, and Baimei definitely are your mentors, but they won’t study for you. That’s something you must do yourself. Because you’re the master of your own ship, little dragon, and the learning is all yours.

master teach students work

Improve Your Skills on Your Own

You’re the only one who can decide how far you want to go. Then you decide how. You set your own terms: You choose when, and how long you’re going to learn. Find a method you like to organize your learning sessions and stick to it! Progress is within your reach. You just need to do it.

Upgrade Your Skills

Learning a language requires several skills, and you want to make sure you’re up to speed in all of them. So, it’s good to sometimes pinpoint areas you want to improve and focus on upgrading those for a time. Choose what you need to word on and give your skills an upgrade. There’s nothing more rewarding than hard work that pays off.

Consolidate Your Skills

Explore what you learn! Consolidate your skills by going on tangents, it’s a fun part of the adventure. Like a word you just learned? Go look at the other words it’s in, see the components in it, learn what it means, see it used in context; it’ll strengthen your knowledge of that word. Be curious, live and explore life in Chinese, listen to Chinese music, watch TV shows in Chinese and you’ll see it’ll help you memorize everything more easily!

Try It Out!

Start with a plan. Grab your notebook, make yourself a nice hot drink and think about how your learning is going. Is there an area you feel less comfortable with? Maybe your listening comprehension is improving in bounds, but your speaking skills are lagging behind? Make that a priority you’ll work on in your next study session! Progress is within your reach.

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