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Learn Chinese by Adapting the Spaced Repetition System in Real Life

Previously, we talked about how you could improve your skills on your own, to go where you want. This all made us think of a cool tip we wanted to give you.

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What You Usually Do

Let’s imagine you just learned 10 new words. You’ve been practicing them on Ninchanese and the Nincha Machine is helping you remember the words and characters lastingly by giving you a nudge when it’s time to repeat them. But what after your session? You just go back to your normal life until the next session, right. Understandable, but definitely improvable! Can you guess how? To learn Chinese properly, you need to surround yourself with as much Chinese as possible. If you hear people speaking Chinese all day long, in total immersion, you can improve your understanding. That’s good if you have the chance to live in China, but if you don’t, how can you be surrounded by Chinese all day long? Perfect timing to teach you my nifty tip:

Turn the words you learn into a habit. How?

excellence is repetition

Adapt the Spaced Repetition System in Real Life

Write down the new words and characters you just learned on notes. Then pin them everywhere on your walls. You’ll see how much seeing the words all the time will help you remember them!

If you’d rather, you can also use this technique to pin the characters on their corresponding actions or objects. For instance, if you learn the words:

香蕉 xiāngjiāo – banana: pin the word on bananas you have at home.

牙刷yáshuā – toothbrush: pin 牙刷 on your toothbrush

Each time you see the object, pronounce its name in Mandarin aloud. By associating the Chinese words with their corresponding objects in real life, then you’ll remember them better. You’ll also get more chances of getting your reviews 100% right.

See how this tip works? Isn’t this a great way to create immersion and surrounded yourself with Chinese all day long when you’re not on Ninchanese, even if you’re not in China?

Learning Chinese characters is really important and if you want to know more about them, check out this post: How many Chinese characters do I need to learn?

Try It Out for Yourself

Ready to give this meowsome tip a try?

  1. Take 3 new words you’ve learned today and write them down on 3 post-its. Then pin them on a wall, your mirror or somewhere you’ll be passing by often.
  2. Write down the word 牙刷 – yáshuā – toothbrush and pin it on your toothbrush! Every time you’ll brush your teeth, you’ll be reminded of that word and trust me, you’ll remember that Chinese word forever! Go Little Dragon!

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