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The Importance of Building (Your) Focus to Learn Chinese

So, which dialogue did you pick?  How did you deal with the distractions? It’s not always easy to stay focused for a long time, so don’t forget to allow yourself small breaks from time to time. Before we go on, let’s make sure: do you know the difference between relaxation and distraction?

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Relaxation makes you more focused on your learning. That’s why breaks from time to time are so essential! Distractions, on the other hand, make you lose your focus. Potential distractions are all around you: the window, the noise in the street, your computer, your phone… Let me give you some advice so you can build your focus and rely on it when you need it the most!

focus goes energy flows

Clear Your Mind

Clearing your thoughts is the best way to free your mind and get ready for a learning session on Ninchanese. A mind at ease can focus immensely better, so how about clearing our mind together?

Here’s a secret: the more you keep yourself from thinking about something, the more you’ll want to think about it. Letting your thoughts wander is the key to a focused mind. Having problems at work? Got exciting plans for this weekend? Are thoughts rushing through your brain? Take a couple minutes to think about them deeply! Let your thoughts flow, and take the time to think about everything that is happening to you. That’s how you’ll set your mind at ease.

So, clear your thoughts, it’ll help you focus better and prepare for your next learning session.

Avoid Distractions

Mind clear? Good. Now, let’s tackle distractions. Don’t worry, little dragon, I’m not asking you to study in a cave removed from technology and the modern world. I just have a tip to help you focus If you’re easily distracted by websites. Here’s what you can do:

  • Close all the tabs you know are going to tempt you. Block some websites if needed. Or use a plugin that will do that for you.
  • Go full screen. (F11 button on your keyboard)
  • Silence your notifications, yes, on your phone too!
  • Schedule your learning session.
  • Set a timer to time your learning session.

Once you’ve done all that, you’ll be ready to learning Chinese with a strong focus!

Put Yourself “In the Zone”

Another proven technique to focus yourself when you feel your thoughts wander is to listen to alpha waves. Music using alpha waves helps stay focused by acting on your brain. It’s totally safe and scientifically proven. Look for alpha waves music to keep you in the zone. If alpha waves aren’t your thing, try background sounds and noises, they work great for focus.

Your Turn Little Dragon!

For the next 3 days, try to focus 10 minutes on Ninchanese without doing anything else. Set a timer and after these 10 minutes, you’ll be able to do everything you want, including checking your favorite social network. Yeah! Keep on building your focus, Little Dragon, and you’ll be able to reach all your goals!

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NinchaneseThe Importance of Building (Your) Focus to Learn Chinese
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