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Where are you from? Nationalities in Chinese

If you meet a Chinese person, there’s a good chance they’ll ask you, “where are you from”?  Do you know how to say your nationality in Mandarin Chinese? Are you curious to know how to talk about where you come from in Chinese? Read more to discover all the nationalities in Chinese and how you can answer this question!

where are you from in Chinese? A question you can answer with the list of country names in Chinese below - 你是哪国人

What nationality are you in Chinese – 你是哪国人

Two ways to ask your nationality in Chinese

You’ll probably get asked about your place of origin in Chinese with one of these two questions:

Question One:
Where do you come from?

Question Two:
nǐ shì nǎ guó rén?
What nationality are you?

How to say “I”m from this country” in Chinese

It’s pretty easy to understand how saying “I’m from here” works in Chinese. Let’s use an example. To say that you are French, you say, “我是法国人.” The meaning is “I’m french.” You break down the sentence like this:

Did you see how it works?
You have on the left: + = 我是 = I am
And on the right, a key structure to remember: NAME OF THE COUNTRY + rén = resident of the country.

Once you have that down, you’re golden. You can introduce yourself, no matter what country you’re from! You’ll still want to learn how to say your country in Chinese, but we’ve got you covered. Just pick out your country from the list of country names in Chinese here, and you’re all set!

NinchaneseWhere are you from? Nationalities in Chinese

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