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Top Websites to Watch Chinese Movies and TV Series Online Free as a Ressource for learning Chinese

Looking for a website to watch Chinese series and dramas? These websites will help you find your next favorite Chinese movie to watch, in Chinese. It’s selected by our Discord members and will help you learn Chinese.

If you are wondering what to watch, explore this article; it’s a selection of Chinese movies, dramas, series, and anime to watch. And now, without further ado: the list of the best websites to watch Chinese videos.

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@Nataly_Novak_137 shared with us:


Bilibili is a great website to watch Chinese video, it has most of the Chinese series. Bilibili is a premium service, but there are always several ongoing shows that are free. You can watch shows without logging in or go for their premium service. Be warned, though, the registration test is said to be a little difficult… but not impossible!

WeTV (English):

WeTV is a streaming service from Tencent. You’ll find a variety of Chinese TV shows and even live video and gaming videos on it. You can also head to their Tencent animation youtube channel. You’ll find the most famous Tencent Animations from WeTV.

@cudlefeeeesh shared with us:


Viki has a great collection of Chinese videos and is a well-known destination for watching Asian dramas. The selection is quite nice, but the (soft) subs are hard to find sometimes. Soft subs are subtitles you can add from a file.

@Micha shared with us:


爱奇艺 – iQiyi also has a great collection of Chinese dramas and has many traditional Chinese subtitles, and sometimes English. Some videos are free, and others will require a premium account. As Discord user @hami said, 爱奇艺 is basically the Chinese equivalent of Netflix.

Mango tv:

On Mango, you’ll find many videos from China, all in Chinese with Chinese subtitles mostly. They also often have traditional and sometimes English subtitles. Check out the culture category!

Vidol Tv: 

Vidol TV is a Taiwanese video service with a lot of videos in traditional Chinese. You may need to sign up to see some videos.

LineTV: and Sohu TV  

If you’re in Taiwan, you can also check out Line TV and Sohu Tv to watch traditional Chinese videos. These two are region-restricted, so if you’re not based in Taiwan, sorry, you can’t watch the videos there.


A website specialized in reviewing Drama from Asian countries. A great website to look for the perfect fit for a drama to your taste. There’s often the link or the Chinese name to then look for it in other services.

@Hami shared with us:

Youku 优酷视频

Youku has many Chinese videos from TV Series, dramas, movies, anime, and so on. Better to sign up to get a better quality of subs (in Chinese).

Tencent Video China:

It’s quite the same as WeTV, but for a Chinese audience.


While the website may look made for a younger audience, it has a lot of different content. From Anime, Live Streaming, entertainment, music, films, and more. You explore!


Available on mobile, Renren Video has the latest western series and Netflix movies with Chinese subtitles (translated by semi-professionals).

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Teach yourself the vocabulary you need to watch these shows in Chinese

Watching shows in Chinese on Chinese websites is great practice, but you know what makes it easier? Knowing the vocabulary to navigate your way around the sites.

Explore the Computer and Science World on Ninchanese to learn all you need to know to get your fill of Cdramas and Tdramas! More of a fan of comics and animes? The Comics and Anime World in Ninchanese will be more up your alley. Check it out here.  Lastly, want to learn the names of some of the most famous Chinese actors and celebrities? Then Chinese Stars is a course you need to discover!

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