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Upgrade with a full peace of mind: 3D Secure on Ninchanese

Because we care about keeping your payments safe, a new layer was added to our checkout process: 3D secure. It might not be the most fascinating topic in the world, but it’s essential for your online payment safety and ours. So, read on to learn more about 3DS (if you want) and why this means you can upgrade to a Premium Membership of Ninchanese with your mind entirely at ease.

Rest assured your payments are safe on Ninchanese, with the extra layer of security just added to the app: 3D Secure.

What’s 3D Secure? (A quick overview – skip ahead if you want)

If you regularly buy items online, you may already be familiar with the 3D Secure flow. You enter your card details to confirm a payment, and then a window appears where your bank asks you for a code or password to approve the purchase.

In other words, 3D Secure requires you to input an extra item of information at checkout. This item is used to authenticate your purchase because it is sent to your bank. Your bank uses this to confirm it’s really you behind the transaction. In short, double-check = extra peace of mind.

Why are we talking about all this? Granted, it’s a departure from our usual Chinese learning tips, resources to play and learn in Chinese, and vocabulary lists. But it’s a useful one because 3D secure has now been implemented on Ninchanese. What for?

Extra Safe Payments on Ninchanese

Now, when you upgrade to a Premium Plan on Ninchanese to progress in Chinese (and you totally should :D), you can rest assured your payment is extra secure. It always was, of course, but now it’s extra secure.
Why’s that? Because from now on, once you’ve entered your credit card information to upgrade, you may see a new window appear, with your bank’s name on it.

You’ll then be asked to enter more information, usually either a code sent to your phone or perhaps a password only known by you. Depending on the bank, the piece of extra information requested can vary. It could also be your fingerprint or even facial recognition.

While this might feel like an extra step to do, it’s, above all, an extra layer of protection for you. 

With 3D secure added to the checkout process, you can be sure it’s a legitimate transaction going through. You already knew that, of course, but knowing Ninchanese is 3DS compliant is extra proof that you can trust the company.

3D secure also reduces the risk of fraud.

Better Fraud protection

For Ninchanese, too, it’s an extra layer of protection. That’s because 3D secure also allows the company better protection against fraudulent transactions. No Fraud, no unhappy times!

Compliance with European requirements

Additionally, adding these card security measures is a European requirement. As Ninchanese is based in France, we must do this to be compliant with the various customer protection acts and requirements the European Government has established, such as the  Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements in Europe. These requirements are very much on the consumer’s side (you) and are there to protect you online. We’re happy to support and be part of such protections!

NinchaneseUpgrade with a full peace of mind: 3D Secure on Ninchanese