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Upgrade with a full peace of mind: 3D Secure on Ninchanese

Because we care about keeping your payments safe, a new layer was added to our checkout process: 3D secure. It might not be the most fascinating topic in the world, but it’s essential for your online payment safety and ours. So, read on to learn more about 3DS (if you want) and why this means you can upgrade to a Premium Membership of Ninchanese with your mind entirely at ease.

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NinchaneseUpgrade with a full peace of mind: 3D Secure on Ninchanese

Speed & Design update: Paving the way for the Android Mobile App!

We’re back with a major update! This time, it’s a 100% design update, and you’re going to really like it, especially if you’re a mobile user! Read on to learn what’s new in Ninchanese.

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NinchaneseSpeed & Design update: Paving the way for the Android Mobile App!

More Chinese Words for Ninchanese

Hi guys, we’re back with a new update for Ninchanese! And guess what? It’s monumental. In fact, it’s an update of biblical proportions… well, not biblical but of dictionary proportions at least, with lots more Chinese words in Ninchanese. Read on to know why!

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NinchaneseMore Chinese Words for Ninchanese

The beta update that makes you go “oh no a typo” and then “oh yeah”

“Wow! A typo detector! Awesome” says a Nincha Learner. Curious to know what prompted this Nincha Learner to send us this? Well, come on in, because, boy do we have nice improvements and changes in this beta update for you! Tooltips to show you where everything is, a nice little “typo detector” for when your fingers mess up, easier reviews and more! Read on to learn about the cool new stuff you can now find live in Ninchanese, to make your life learning Chinese that much easier and more enjoyable.

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NinchaneseThe beta update that makes you go “oh no a typo” and then “oh yeah”

Voice and stroke order animation update

Welcome to this week’s beta update! There were quite a lot of things in store in this week’s beta update to keep improving your Chinese learning experience. A new voice for the app’s sounds, way better stroke order animations, improved word pages, and more await you in the app!

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NinchaneseVoice and stroke order animation update

New beta update!

You know how committed we are to improving and making Ninchanese better in all the ways we can, so you guys have a blast learning Chinese. These past few weeks have been dedicated to adding something major to Ninchanese, in line with our roadmap, and to improving your user experience. Here are the cools things we’ve added and changed in this update to the beta!

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NinchaneseNew beta update!

Kickass Vocabulary learning on Ninchanese!

Following our last update (Missed our last beta update? Read up on it here! ), this week’s beta update was focused on one important element, that is key to your Chinese learning: how you learn and review Chinese vocabulary. We’ve worked hard on making our learning smoother, adaptive and way more pleasant to use, as you’ll soon see. So read this, and then, please, take Ninchanese for a spin and let us know what you think of the changes!

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NinchaneseKickass Vocabulary learning on Ninchanese!

Beta update: better voice recognition in Chinese

Your Nincha Team has been working hard these past few days – weeks – on a beta update for Ninchanese that a lot of you Nincha learners had been asking for: improving our dialogue stages! And now, as you Nincha Learners requested this the most: we’ve dedicated this update to improving the way our voice recognition works and making the dialogue stages easier to use so we could really help you all learn to speak Chinese!

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NinchaneseBeta update: better voice recognition in Chinese