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Ninchanese on Kickstarter

Today, we’re beginning a very exciting adventure: we’re unveiling Ninchanese on Kickstarter!

What? When? Where?

The campaign goes live today at 11 am New York Time. We hope to see you there!home-nincha

Head here to check out the campaign

We put together this Kickstarter campaign because we can’t do it without you. We need your help to allow Ninchanese to truly become the awesome Chinese learning app we know it can be. We need your support!

Why Kickstarter?

Ninchanese is a passion project for us. Jean-Rémi and I (Sarah) started working on Ninchanese three years ago. Now, we’re a small 3 person team – with Mathieu who jumped aboard last year – and we’re proud of what we’ve self-funded and achieved so far with Ninchanese.

We believe Ninchanese has great potential as a Chinese learning tool for Chinese learners everywhere. As you know, Ninchanese is now in beta (if you want an invite, sign up on!).

We would love to make Ninchanese accessible to everyone. Everyone deserves a chance to learn Chinese in a fun and cute environment! This is what led us to Kickstarter. We need your help us finish what we’ve started and take it even further. Help make Ninchanese purrrfect!

Support us

A Kickstarter is all or nothing: if we don’t reach our goal, we don’t get anything! It would mean the world to us if you could support us. How? By backing the project Ninchanese and helping spread the word.

Support Ninchanese on Kickstarter

We want to send a strong positive signal to show everyone the campaign has taken off and to inspire them to join. Please help us do that!

In short:

You want to know what happens next to Lupishu and Nincha in their adventure accross Ninchana? You want Ninchanese to keep growing? We do too! Kickstarter is the best way to get Ninchanese there!

So if you want to help, read no more and go to Kickstarter!

See you there!

A very excited Nincha Team


Ninchanese combines addictive game mechanics, cute cats and efficient Chinese learning techniques to make learning Chinese a lot of fun! Now live on Kickstarter! The app is now in beta so sign up now for early access to the betaCheck out our trailer and stay in touch with us on FacebookTwitterGoogle + and Pinterest.



NinchaneseNinchanese on Kickstarter


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  • Sam - September 23, 2015

    What is the easiest way to learn Chinese characters? In Japanese, they have figures, swords, faces, mountains, which fit “right into the characters” & they provide a story corresponding to both the picture & character. Might there be anything similar for Chinese characters, or anything else you may suggest. Xiexie.

    Ninchanese - September 29, 2015

    In Chinese, just like Japanese (since Japanese Kanji come from Chinese characters), each character is made up of components that fit in it. To learn Chinese characters, it’s a good idea to learn to understand how characters work, what components compose them and then to learn the words that these characters make up. Imagining stories to remember how each character works and what components compose it is a good idea, as it helps you memorize each character better. Come learn Chinese with us! We’ll help you easily learn Chinese characters!

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