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New Ninchanese Android App and Traditional Chinese Available

A new version of the Android app is out, and meowsome news: Traditional Chinese has graduated out of beta! Read on for details.

New android app for Ninchanese
New Android App version

There’s a new Android app out for Ninchanese, fully ready for Android 11 and 12!

It contains all the features you know and love to learn Chinese. And, it has the bonus of being stabler, safer and faster, especially on the newer versions of Android!

Download it now on the Play Store!

What about the old app?

Unfortunately, with the roll-out of Android 12, the previous app got buggy for an increasing number of learners. As a result, the app started crashing on launch. Maybe it even happened to you. As such, it was time to say goodbye to that version of the Android App.

The old app will soon be entirely deprecated, i.e., no longer in use. So, long live the new Android app instead!

logo of the new Android app for Ninchanese

Download it now from the Play Store.

We need your help! The app will exist by downloading it and leaving us a review

We know some of you have been using Ninchanese for a long time and how it’s helped you progress in Chinese. And now, we’re the ones who need your help! So, if you love Ninchanese and download the new Android app, please rate the app and leave us a review.

Every (positive) review you leave the App on the Play Store helps its ranking in the play Store. It does!

Think about how much ratings and reviews affect your decision to download an app. Everyone else works the same.

So ratings and (good) reviews are the best way to get new Chinese learners on Ninchanese. They are also the best way for the app to be visible on the Play Store. That’s because ratings, the words used in a review, and downloads are data Google cares a lot about. So they affect an app’s ranking.

In other words: the new Ninchanese Android app is starting over from zero, so we need your help! Your ratings and reviews will help it tremendously. So, please consider leaving us a 5-star rating and a review if you feel like it!

Even if you already rated the old app in the past, we need your support again! We’ll be forever grateful.

Traditional Chinese out of beta

The new version of the Android app is not the only new element in this update. Last but not least, traditional Chinese learning is now available for all.

After being in beta for a time and tested by many learners, learning with traditional characters is ready.

Thank you all for thoroughly testing Ninchanese with Traditional Chinese characters and sending us your feedback!

Want to start learning Traditional Chinese?

Choose between simplified and traditional Chinese on Ninchanese

Easily switch to Traditional Chinese in your settings.

All you need to do is head to your settings and, more specifically, to the learning tab. Choose whether you want to learn in Simplified or in Traditional Characters. That’s it; you’re all set!

Two independent learning tracks

Good to know: Learning in Simplified and Traditional Chinese are two independent tracks.

In other words, once you’ve switched to Traditional Chinese, you start from the beginning again. Your stats and progress will be at 0 again, so you can learn Traditional Chinese from scratch.

If you want to learn the simplified form again, all you need to do is switch back to that character set in your settings. Then, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off in simplified Chinese.

These settings allow you to quickly choose what character form you want to use and even learn both simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese if you wish to!

Traditional Chinese is essential in the Sinosphere. Traditional Characters are used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and many overseas Chinese communities outside Southeast Asia.

Related: Wondering which Chinese characters to learn? Read this page on Traditional Chinese to see if it’s for you!

Have fun learning on Android and in Traditional Chinese, little dragons!

The Nincha Team

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