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Writing Chinese characters: The purpose

I think at one point everyone who starts learning Chinese asks themselves the same questions about writing Chinese:

  • Do I need to learn to write Chinese characters?
  • When is the best time to begin with them?
  • Where do you start?
  • How do you write Chinese characters? Are there any rules?

With this article, I want to share a bit of my experience in writing characters and maybe a helpful additional way of learning Chinese. To be clear, I’m not talking about the art of Chinese Calligraphy but just casual hand-writing. Handwritten Chinese with a pen a piece of paper.

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NinchaneseWriting Chinese characters: The purpose

Simplified Chinese characters VS Traditional Chinese characters

In case you’ve just started learning Chinese or not, what are the differences in the 2 different ways of writing Chinese characters? The written Chinese language uses Simplified Chinese characters and Traditional Chinese characters. Let’s see the difference between the two ways of writing Chinese characters. And let’s find out which Chinese character set is for you! 

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NinchaneseSimplified Chinese characters VS Traditional Chinese characters

New world: The Chinese Character Universe – Science-based Chinese character learning

You Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce a new science-based world on Ninchanese: the Universe of Chinese Characters the most advanced way to learn Chinese Characters yet. This all-new word on Ninchanese has been designed with one goal in mind: to drive your Chinese character acquisition like no other. In a world that goes back to the Big Bang of Chinese, you’ll easily learn characters in a newly optimized way. Feeling excited? Let’s see what this new world is all about. To infinity, and beyond! 

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NinchaneseNew world: The Chinese Character Universe – Science-based Chinese character learning

Chinese Word Building: How to say to joke in Chinese

Time for a new word-building! Today’s “Play with Chinese words” concerns Chinese humor! It’s all about playing and laughing. You are with your friends and one of your friends cracks a joke. everyone laugh and so the party starts. It’s the best time of your life for sure. A joke a day keeps the doctor away! So let’s play with the Chinese words  and ! Together, they make the word 玩笑 , have you heard of  it? If you haven’t, no worries. Read on and we’ll explain everything to you.

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NinchaneseChinese Word Building: How to say to joke in Chinese

Chinese word building: to surf

Time for a new word-building, water edition! In today’s Play with the Chinese word, we explore the word 冲. When you combine it with a second word, you get a new Chinese word that is really fun to do. It’s also a great way to understand how word-building works in Chinese! Can you imagine what the Chinese word for to surf is? Surfing? Are you ready to hit the waves?

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NinchaneseChinese word building: to surf

Phonetic Components: The Secret Trick to Guessing the Pronunciation of Chinese Characters

How do the Chinese read aloud unknown characters? That’s something we’ve all wondered once. What if we told you there was a trick that could help you guess the pronunciation of any character you run into? Read on to unlock the secret to pronouncing 80% of all Chinese characters: phonetic components and you’ll be able to pronounce any Chinese character you meet, whether it’s on a street sign or on a restaurant menu!

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NinchanesePhonetic Components: The Secret Trick to Guessing the Pronunciation of Chinese Characters

How Many Chinese Characters Do I Need To Learn?

How many Chinese characters do I need to learn? You may have wondered that when starting Mandarin, as many many learners do when embarking on the wonderful journey that is learning Chinese. Read on to know the answers to these essential questions and all about Chinese characters. Besides learning how many characters there are in Chinese, you’ll see how many the average Chinese knows and how much you need to learn to reach conversational fluency in Chinese!

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NinchaneseHow Many Chinese Characters Do I Need To Learn?

Voice and stroke order animation update

Welcome to this week’s beta update! There were quite a lot of things in store in this week’s beta update to keep improving your Chinese learning experience. A new voice for the app’s sounds, way better stroke order animations, improved word pages, and more await you in the app!

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NinchaneseVoice and stroke order animation update