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Chinese word building: to surf

Time for a new word-building, water edition! In today’s Play with the Chinese word, we explore the word 冲. When you combine it with a second word, you get a new Chinese word that is really fun to do. It’s also a great way to understand how word-building works in Chinese! Can you imagine what the Chinese word for to surf is? Surfing? Are you ready to hit the waves?

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NinchaneseChinese word building: to surf

Introducing a public roadmap for Ninchanese

From the start, we’ve wanted you, our learners, to be involved in the process of building Ninchanese to turn Ninchanese into the best way to learn Chinese it can be. And, you have. We’re very grateful for the time you take to tell us your ideas, and wanted to give back to you somehow. This got us thinking: why don’t we take this a step further and become more open about what we’re working on now and what’s next? Why don’t we involve you, our learners even more in Ninchanese’s development? And that’s what we just did: we launched a public roadmap!

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NinchaneseIntroducing a public roadmap for Ninchanese