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Top 8 Vloggers and their videos about China, Chinese culture and Mandarin

When you study Chinese, watching Chinese TV shows, Vlogs, or Chinese Drama is a great way to improve your spoken and listening skills. We’ve picked the best shows and videos in Mandarin to watch with the help of the Ninchanese community. Discover our top Chinese Vlogger videos!

We picked them, and our users like watching them because they are a lot of fun, obviously, and very inspiring. As you may learn Chinese, you’ll love them too.

Why? Because most vloggers (video bloggers) in our selection are actually non-native Chinese speakers who have reached an awe-inspiring Chinese level. They were Chinese learners, then moved to China and started making super good videos in Mandarin.

These videos are usually easier to approach than a full-length feature film or TV show in Chinese, so that’s why we’re starting with these. Plus, there are loads to enjoy in these videos and glean from them in terms of language currently used in China and golden nuggets of Chinese culture to discover. You’ll see! Ready? Let’s dig in.


Fulinfang is the one dude you want to be friends with. It feels warm to watch his videos. His Chinese is really great too. He has a really understandable way of speaking Chinese. He is quite funny, and I recommend some of his videos where he visits China with his niece. They are so adorable :)!

Here another video from him:


Thomas is one of my favorite youtubers. He speaks really great Chinese. I mean, he really adds a lot of energy to his way of speaking Chinese. And Chinese people really do speak with a lot of intonation, and he does it very well. I like to follow his videos since they are really close to real life in Shanghai (his wife is Chinese). So there are a lot of videos about life in China and about what it’s like living with a family in China, and that’s super cool.

Here a présentation of this superstar:

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Kevin in Shanghai

Kevin in Shanghai creates entertaining videos to watch. They speak a lot about the cross-cultural culture and the challenges that go along with them. The videos are really nicely done, with many visual cues and situations to understand what’s going on. There are also often English subtitles in these videos, so it’s great to make sure you’re following okay if you’re not sure.

Collin Abroadcast

Collin likes to visit parts of the world, but I suspect his preference is for China. This vlogger has made really, really great videos about life in China and what situations you could expect when you’re facing Chinese citizens. His videos are fascinating and worth a look.

This particular video is about a guy showing how he bargains to get what he wants. The last seller is quite aggressive, but all in all, that’s only a negotiation style. From my experience, it’s always really fun to haggle over what you’re buying in China, and it makes buying an interesting experience. It’s even more fun if you speak Chinese with them (plus you negotiate better).


The Mamahuhu gang is one of the funniest you can find on youtube. They don’t care to mock Chinese culture and the Laowei’s culture (though they often compare American and Chinese culture). What can I say? Their videos are hilarious, and if you don’t know them yet, you have only one choice now, it’s to go there, watch these videos and share this article with your friends :D.

The China Traveller 司徒建国

Stu has been living for many years in China, and he makes a lot of videos about China and the Chinese culture. All his videos are quite funny. He actually has two channels. One called the China Traveller or 司徒建国. He’s funny and says his videos have two goals: help foreigners discover the Chinese culture more and make Chinese people laugh. The truth is, he manages to make us laugh too :).

Stu has also done many videos for a Chinese TV channel, so if you needed proof his Chinese was good, there you go!

His other channel is called STUpid in China; It’s great too!

This rounds up our selection of fun vlogs and vloggers to watch in Chinese! This selection was hand-picked by the Ninchanese community on Slack. Did we miss your favorite vlogger? Let us know in the comments or on Slack! And don’t forget, learn Chinese with us 🙂

New entries: User recommendations

Laowhy86 and Serpentza

C-milk channel or Laowhy86 has made lots of videos about China. He likes really doing deep-dives in the Chinese culture, especially what stands out. If there is a weird aspect of China, you bet it, and he’s made a video about it. It’s great if you are an ex-pat in China since these videos are really like speaking about China. And he always has a little pun that will make you laugh. Keep up the good work, C-Milk!

Another great vlogger is Serpentza, who does videos about China. He likes asking the “real” questions like, are Chinese girls easy? Don’t take me wrong, the titles are always a bit catchy, if not even a little clickbaity, but he has a lot of respect for China, and you really can feel his love for the country.

C-Milk and Serpentza have teamed up to make another great Channel: ADVChina. They visit a lot of places in China and make their videos really interesting. Worth a look! And if you really like their videos, check out the complete documentary on their website


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NinchaneseTop 8 Vloggers and their videos about China, Chinese culture and Mandarin

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